We have all felt pain at one point or another throughout our lives. Sometimes, particularly when the cuts are deep, we can have a hard time letting go of that pain.

This is usually because we tell ourselves that if we hold onto the memory of what happened, somehow it will protect us from having to experience it again. The irony is that by holding onto pain in an attempt to keep ourselves safe, we continue living that pain every single day. Often when we do this we focus on blame; we blame others for what they ‘did to us’, and we blame ourselves for what we ‘should have done better’.

When we put ourselves into the mindset of blame we become disempowered, and rather than keeping us safe, we actually stop being able to move forward in life.


5 Simple Ways You Can Let Go Of The Past And Create A Better Future


1- Accept.

One of the biggest mistakes we make when we are experiencing pain is to ‘just get on with it’ rather than taking stock of the present moment and accepting what is. In order to move forward from what hurts us, we have to accept and acknowledge where we are. Acceptance does not mean we resign to the situation, it simply means we are giving the present moment its correct significance.

let go

2- Reflect.

Once we accept the position we are in we have the power to uncover how it has affected us. It is important to express the emotions we feel when we reflect upon the decisions that have gotten us to where we are. Go gently on yourself, write, meditate, allow yourself the gift of reflection.

Time doesn’t heal emotional pain, you need to learn how to let go. Roy T. Bennett – Let Go Of The Past

3- Forgive.

Forgiveness is incredibly healing. When you choose to forgive, you take yourself out of blame and a victim mentality and place yourself into a much more empowered position. Forgiveness is rarely the easy choice, which is why most people don’t do it. Most of us would rather stay miserable and ‘right’ than practice  forgiveness. But in the end it only hurts you.

let go

4- Decide what you want.

The greatest thing about experiencing pain or loss is that not only do we learn what we DON’T want we get in touch with what it is we DO want. Take some time to think about what this painful lesson has taught you about what you want to create and manifest into your life. Write it down, make a list, get excited about the lessons you have learnt!

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. – Albert Einstein Let Go Of Your Past

5 – Be here now.

The thing that hurt you did not destroy you. It made you who you are! Every moment of joy and pain, including how we respond to those moments, is what crafts our unique personal story. Embrace that! You are the creator of your life. Deciding to move past your pain mean you now have a beautiful blank canvas on which to create new, joyful memories and enjoy the beauty that is this life.

Choosing to move past our pain is one of the most courageous things we can do in this lifetime. The rewards far outweigh the challenge though, so don’t waste another moment being anything less than blissfully happy.



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