Can Having Faith Can Help You Become More Of Who You Truly Are

having faith

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. –Rabindranath Tagore


Sometimes life can sort of feel like it’s running away with you.

Not in a “Let’s go on a romantic holiday” kind of way, but more of an “I’m stuck under the wheel of life and I am being dragged through the dirt kicking and screaming” kind of way.

Some people might refer to this period in their life as depression or anxiety, or maybe for others it doesn’t need a label at all. Put simply, in those moments, life just stops feeling good.

When we go through such times it can be easy to feel alone and even destitute. It can truly feel like we are the only person who has ever felt this way and that no one really understands us. It’s because of this feeling that we sometimes isolate ourselves more from our family and friends, and so the cycle deepens.

Before we know it, we feel like we have no power, no strength and no say in where our lives are headed. Often, giving up can seem like our best or only option.

So how do we keep going? How can we find a way to carry on when we feel so low?

I am a huge believer in the power of forming a connection to something that is bigger than ourselves. I have experienced first hand the courage it brings when you tap into a force that is stronger than the negative emotions or thoughts that get us in to trouble in the first place. That force is faith.

The thing that you have faith in is not so important, be it God, Buddha, the Universe or Mother Earth. What is important is that you find what you naturally connect with, and that the thing to which you connect is greater than yourself.

But why is faith important? Why is having a connection to something important when we are in times of struggle?

When we have faith, we connect to something outside of ourselves. We access the feeling of connection to our spirit and to the truth of who we really are. Even though sometimes we feel lost and alone, the truth is that we ARE love. Faith reminds us of that.

Having faith that a there is plan for us that is far greater than what we can see, allows us to relax and trust that we are taken care of. When we relax in this way, we allow our natural state of joy and gratitude to flow forth; and our sad, limited thinking becomes a distant memory.

It is in moments of faith that we become who we really are.


So whether it’s taking a long walk in nature and connecting with the earth, or going to your local parish to pray, find that connection. It’s one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself.



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