Buddhist monks practice some of the most powerful habits that anyone can greatly benefit from. Two recent examples of monks sharing wisdom with the world are Dandapani and Jay Shetty. They are both former monks who have transformed into entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experiences with the world.

While Buddhist monks might be misunderstood by much of the world, their habits can greatly impact your life. Learn these five Buddhist monk habits to create positive, lasting changes in your life.

Harness the Power of Meditation

Monks are most well known for is their frequent practice of meditation. Each monastery is different but some practice meditation for hours a day. Most monks practice around two hours per day, at morning and night. Meditation is a type of diligent practice that has the ability to rewire your brain and find clarity in your life.

What would your life look like if you meditated or added some quiet, reflection time each morning for 10-15 minutes? While there are many benefits of meditation, both for your body and mind, one of the biggest advantages is increasing your ability to acknowledge your thoughts.

When you listen mindfully to your thoughts you can begin to see which ones are positive and which ones are negative. A simple, daily meditation practice each morning can help increase your discipline and mood throughout the day.

Seek Out Wisdom

Buddhist monks view elderly people as the most important people to learn from. They often seek elders to become spiritual guides on their journey to seek inner peace. You should do the same in your life.

Choose to seek out mentors and people who are already doing what you want to do in life. Learn from the people who have experienced more of life than yourself. Most people are flattered by the gesture and are more than happy to share any wisdom and life lessons — but you must first ask.

Life itself is a journey after all, and what matters most is not what you are getting, but who you are becoming. 5 Buddhist Monk Habits For Ultimate Clarity

Declutter Every Part of Your Life

Monks live a very minimal life with only a few sets of robes and the bare neccesities to live. Yet they thrive more than most people. They understand that materialism is unnecessary and takes away your energy. 

Learn to declutter your life by changing your environment. Clean your desk, your house, your closet and anything else that takes up mental space.

The same goes for relationships. Spend time with people who make you feel alive. Show compassion, show empathy, and be someone who uplifts others. The people who are the happiest are often the ones spending their time helping others.   

Learn to Become Present in the Moment

Monks are often happier with less “things” because they know how to enjoy life and be present in the moment. They focus on all they have instead of all they want.

You can do the same by putting down your phone, engaging in meaningful conversations and connecting more with others. 

Choose to be present in this very moment. You can’t change the past and worrying about the future only takes away from today. Enjoy each day and soak up all the beauty, no matter what the situation.

These Buddhist monk habits are simple but not easy. They go against many of today’s expectations but if practiced, can change your life greatly. Remember, you need to practice these habits regularly to see the benefits.

In the beginning, it might feel uncomfortable but that’s part of the process. Keep going and you see will more personal benefits than you could ever imagine.