Meditation. It’s something that mostly everyone has heard of and perhaps even tried once or twice. But thanks to scientific research, meditation is becoming increasingly popular and is no longer reserved for monks, mystics and hippies, or retreats in exotic locations. Meditation is fast becoming a tool of personal transformation in a technology driven, fast paced world – and the evidence of its benefits is mounting. Here are 5 Amazing Benefits Of Meditation.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Meditation

Through meditation and by giving full attention to one thing at a time, we can learn to direct attention where we choose.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Meditation


1- Improves Your Brain Function

Meditation has been proven to literally increase the grey matter in your brain. The grey matter in our brain affects muscle control and sensory perception, such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech and decision-making. By becoming mindful and present through meditation, you give your brain the opportunity to find new levels of clarity, focus and expansion.


2- Improves Your Physical Health

Meditation studies have also shown that participants experience significant improvements in their physical health not limited to but including increased immunity, a decrease in pain and a reduction in inflammation in the body.


3- Improves Your Emotional Health

The idea that meditation improves you emotional health just makes sense. It’s logical that if you allow yourself 10-20 minutes a day to sit and breathe, that you will feel happier, calmer and more relaxed. What we know from science is that beyond this, meditation is proven to decrease anxiety, depression and stress and helps us cope with our emotions better overall.

4- Improves Your Relationships

When you meditate you reduce your stress levels, so you naturally cultivate more patience. As your patience grows, due to feeling calmer and more centred, you become less judgmental and critical of others. You become more compassionate, more aware of the needs of others and your empathy expands. These changes in perspective can have a huge effect on your relationships, both personally and professionally.


5- It Puts You In The Drivers Seat Of Your Life

We live in a demanding time in history. Our access to information, and the benchmark and expectation of achievement in life, are higher than ever before. By committing to a regular meditation practice you slow down on the ‘doing’ and get more comfortable with ‘being’. When you do this, self-awareness becomes intrinsic and therefore you step up to the personal responsibility of being mindful of your emotions and thoughts; rather than them controlling you.


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