In today’s busy world, it seems to be getting harder, rather than easier to find time to meditate. Harder still to consistently practice and master the true benefits meditation can bring to your life.

But like any other exercise or skill, there are simple tricks for making your journey to master meditation bliss more achievable and fun.

6 Ways To Master Meditation In Today’s Busy World

1. Begin With Brief Meditations | Master Meditation

For beginners, remaining seated with eyes closed for longer than 10 minutes can feel impossible, even unpleasant. Because mental concentration hasn’t been developed yet, staying seated when every sense in your body is telling you to get up is counterproductive. Meditation that you don’t enjoy only reinforces an association of meditation with negative experiences and will be discouraging.

If you’re brand new, begin with only 5 to 10 minutes at a time. That way when you’re ready to sit for longer, it will be because you’re experiencing the benefits and you want to extend the time.

2. Listen to Meditation Tracks or Music | Master Meditation

There are many meditation tracks and relaxing music you can play in your earbuds that specifically are designed to bring the brain into a meditative state. These tracks can be extremely helpful when you’re new or if your mental state isn’t the calmest on a particular day. You can always stop using them when you don’t feel it’s necessary anymore.

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3. Concentrate on a Phrase or Mantra | Master Meditation

Traditional practices teach meditators to use an anchor phrase, called a mantra, as the point of focus. For the active mind, they work as a home base to return to when the mind wanders. A mantra is indispensable for newcomers – or anyone – with a busy mind.

The mantra can be an ancient word or phrase like, “OM,” or, “SO HUM,” which means I am that. Or it can be an affirmation that’s meaningful to you like, “Peace,” or, “I am love.”

4. Meditate With a Group | Master Meditation

Perhaps nothing is more motivating that meditating in a group. Alone you might not hesitate to get up and go to the bathroom or check your phone. However, in a group you’re more likely to refrain, not wanting to disturb others in their practice.

Additionally, meditating in a group setting with positive intention can be very powerful energetically. Many report that they feel the bliss of the group energy during meditation, making it a pleasant experience and motivating them to return to it regularly.

5. Choose Your Time Wisely | Master Meditation

Spiritual practitioners since ancient times have known that there are particular times of the day ideal for meditation and prayer. Many spiritual traditions still do their contemplative practice during this time.

The hours right before, during, and shortly after sunrise are considered to be the most “sattvic,” meaning that it’s the purest time of the day. During this time the mind and body are the most balanced, not too tired nor energetic, and most efficient for a positive meditation experience.

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6. Try Again Tomorrow | Master Meditation

And if you weren’t successful today, you can always try again tomorrow.

Like any other routine practice such as exercise, learning a new language, or perfecting a craft, the art of concentration must be developed over time with consistency. Training the mind to remain focused and, ultimately, sit blissfully in silence isn’t something that comes naturally. Like preparing the body for a marathon, what seems challenging today will come easier tomorrow.

And when your journey becomes more enjoyable by using any of these methods, you will be more motivated, and on your way to mastering meditation.



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