Reaching that place where your dreams soar takes dedication.

To reach your dreams you need commitment, discipline, and lots of focus on positive thoughts.

The great news is that your vision for your life can happen for you much more quickly, if you replace a few worn-out, self-defeating expressions.

Use these 3 life-altering mottos that are centered around greater abundance, skillful creativity, and fearless self-empowerment to master your manifesting.

Master your Manifesting: Add These 3 Phrases to Your Life

Replace ‘I don’t know’ with ‘I am learning.’ | Master Your Manifesting

By conveying to those around you that you are willing to work on yourself in order to develop your skills into talents, you garner respect from people who are doing the same. Since like attracts like, vocalizing your willingness to improve yourself attracts more positive outcomes into your life.

Announcing you are learning and seeking self-growth will ensure that you are surrounded by fellow seekers who are on the same path to greater knowledge. This creates an environment that helps you develop faster and moves you towards you goals.

Replace ‘I am too broke’ with ‘I am creating the resources for this.’ | Master Your Manifesting

Using this uplifting language guides the ‘executive center’ of your brain to communicate a steady stream of positive messages to your subconscious mind about your financial abilities. It also sends a strong signal to those around you that it’s no longer business as usual.

This powerful new phrase allows you to start to take control over your resources through a switch in perception. It does this by helping you become more confident and less reactive about your financial picture. This in turn catches the attention of those around you who have an abundance of resources that they are eager to spend on people like you who are serious about working towards creating even greater prosperity for everyone.

Master your Manifesting: Add These 3 Phrases to Your Life Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage. @IAMFEARLESSSOUL + Maya Angelou

Replace ‘I am too scared’ with ‘I am so courageous.’ | Master Your Manifesting

People who decide to build a life that aligns them with their dreams all come up against the same issue: they have no idea what they are doing. Until they do. The space in between stepping off the ledge and landing right where you want to be, holds a lot of unknown variables. This makes it somewhat terrifying. And often quite humbling. Facing that terror head on and humbling yourself is known as courage.

By acknowledging the vast strength and tremendous effort that it takes to make the leap of faith straight into your dreams, you are practicing the kind of self-love that allows you to become a warrior for positive change in your own life.

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