Wouldn’t it be nice to attract love magnetically? Whether you’re dating, in a partnership, seeking a relationship, want ideal clients or co-workers, or desire more loving interactions in your life – you can attract more love by merely understanding what actions magnetize it.

Scientific research demonstrates that certain qualities attract love and none of them require any drastic transformation, physically or psychologically. It’s simply a matter of incorporating these universal love magnets into your daily life.

The 5 Universal Magnets For Attracting Love

1. Practice Gratitude

It might be tempting to wait to receive love first, rather than be thankful after, but studies show that having gratitude first will bring love to you.

For example, expressing gratitude to others in a professional setting resulted in increased positive behavior and motivation from recipients in one study. And in another study, ongoing gestures of appreciation in long-term relationships were associated with increased relationship quality for both partners.

So in any relationship or interaction, a simple “thank you” will attract more loving and kind behavior back to you.

The 5 Universal Magnets For Attracting Love Into Your Life Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. @IAMFEARLESSSOUL + Cicero

2. Give Smiles

Doubt your smile impacts others? The truth is your smile is contagious.

Research shows that humans have an instinct for facial mimicry allowing for empathy and even experiencing the emotions of others. Unfortunately, the same is true if you’re frowning or angry.

So your genuine loving smiles will attract genuine loving smiles right back at you.

3. Love To Laugh

You might already know that laughter releases feel-good endorphins and even relieves pain along with a myriad of other physical benefits. But as it turns out, laughing makes you more attractive, too.

Research shows that women are more attracted to men that make them laugh, and men are more attracted to women that laugh at their jokes. Couples also experience more satisfaction when they laugh together, keeping the relationship fresh and fun.

Seek more humor in life. Discover ways to laugh and make others laugh, and you’ll become radiantly attractive.

The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everthing to do with the focus of our lives. @IAMFEARLESSSOUL + Russell Nelson

4. Have a Positive Attitude

By regularly practicing any of the above you’ll already be on your way to having a positive attitude, which – not surprisingly – also attracts more love. Positive qualities, aside from just physical beauty, affect how attractive you are to others.

Studies have shown that both men and women rate the physical attractiveness of others proportionately following their suggested positive or negative traits. Additionally, the groups associated with having positive personality traits that were considered attractive featured a wider variety of body sizes, whereas the groups with negative characteristics had a very narrow range of body sizes found to be attractive.

Positive personality traits express themselves naturally when you maintain a positive attitude and choose to focus on the good in others and life.

5. Enjoy the Present Moment

Dwelling on memories and worrying about the future causes unnecessary fear and stress, which others perceive from you and perhaps even feel, too. However, by focusing on the present moment, you release that burden and appear more calm, happy, and attractive.

Aside from meditation or other mindful practices, practicing all of the above will help you to become more present, too.

Having gratitude,



And having a positive attitude all calm the various mental fluctuations that steal the joy of the present moment.

Try practicing at least one of these universal magnets for attracting love daily. Notice how all of the others start to happen more easily, too, and how love and kindness begin to fill your everyday life.

Which love attraction magnet are you going to practice first?



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