This is Why Being Single is Okay and Actually A Blessing in Disguise

Could it be that being single is okay and actually a blessing? Some people have an opinion on just about everything, especially your private life.

They might tell you to drink alcohol to relax, have coffee to feel alert, surf social media to escape boredom or even that being single is an incorrect lifestyle choice.

Many people do need to feel loved and supported to feel complete, but being in a relationship will never be a magic pill to create happiness or completion in your life.

Although relationships can make you happy, they can also bring misery.

Pay attention. Because the lessons that follow may change your outlook on life.

1. You Get to Know Who You Are

In a relationship, you become one with your partner. You think like them, go out to places together, do the same things and spend most of your time together. Amidst all this togetherness, you have little time to discover yourself.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What activities ignite the fire in you? Do you know your values? Who are your idols and why?

Not knowing who you are is like being a star that isn’t aware of its light. Become aware of how you can shine in this world. That’s the beginning of fulfillment.

2. You Experience Personal Growth

Being single is okay because you’ll have more time (and money) to achieve your personal goals. Do you want some marketable skills? A great physique? Savings for your travel goals? A whole pizza just for yourself? Then fall in love with being single. Work on your personal growth.

Things or people will never complete you. Needing nothing attracts everything in this universe. Do things out of excitement, for the love of exploration, not out of a sense of duty to another.

The most valuable thing is time. So invest it in personal growth. You will develop in leaps and bounds, where those that settled out of fear will stagnate, in time they will wish they possessed your bravery. Nothing trumps the feeling of seeing the rewards of your hard work.

3. You Become Strong and Independent

The feelings you get from your partner may change over time. The high that you get in the beginning, during the so-called “honeymoon phase” might eventually dissipate. Your happiness seems always tied to theirs.

Being single is okay because you learn to regulate your emotions and protect your mind from negativity. Your happiness comes from following your heart’s desires. Your partner can leave you heartbroken. But your personal growth – no one can take away from you.

Know why you want a relationship. Are you looking for a relationship just because you are lonely, or because all of your friends have partners? If you think it is the right time that is ok too, but do not give in to societal pressures. You will thank yourself in time for staying true to your values.

4. You Strengthen Other Relationships

Most couples have little time to socialize with friends or colleagues. Socializing can become a joint decision. Your partner may have different preferences for socializing or they may not like your friends. As a matter of fact, most couples only hang out with other couples.

Being single is okay and in fact a blessing because you can invest time in quality friendships that’ll last a lifetime. Having healthy social connections not only helps your mental health but also brings you amazing opportunities.

So don’t seek a relationship to fill a void. Seek social connections to share abundance.


Giving someone else the remote control to your emotions isn’t a healthy step. The only relationship you are gauranteed till your last breath is the one with yourself. So don’t cheat on your own values.

What you focus on, you expand in your life. So instead of focusing on the lack of a relationship, focus on your personal growth.

Know your desires, goals, strengths, and challenges. Create relationships that help you rise and not make you dependent. Know your light and use it to illuminate the world.



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