Silencing your fears about your ability to achieve anything your heart desires will help you move you from being your own worst enemy to your own best friend. This is why telling your limiting beliefs to ‘pack their bags’ is so freeing. Take a look at this fabulous 4-step formula that subtracts out limits to equal a life full of prosperity.

Don’t Allow Your Life To Be Controlled By These 5 Things

Make it Fun | Limiting Beliefs

If you’re afraid of something, facing it in a light-hearted way can start to chip away at some of its power over you. For instance, if you’re terrified of public speaking, try starting with an ‘impromptu’ toast to a friend when you’re out on the town. Or if you’re unsure if you’ll ever gather enough work for your entrepreneurial venture, send out a fun survey to all your social media friends asking them about their preferences for your ideas.

Adding a little playfulness to your fears has been shown to help heal conflict and increase your feelings of empowerment by giving you a more realistic perspective about your worries and anxieties. So go ahead and have some fun with your fears – your self-confidence will thank you!

Set Mini-Goals | Limiting Beliefs

Mini-goals are simply baby-steps with guidelines. They start to lay the pavement for the path you will be walking on. They are so impactful to your success because they allow you to accomplish a part of your dream before it is fully accomplished. This helps rewire your brain to the habit of achievement, which means your subconscious mind begins to replace ‘No, I can’t’ with ‘Yes, I can’.

How to Blow Past the Barriers of Your Limiting Beliefs assured spiritual motivation inspirational inspired When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm. African proverb quote fearless soul limited mindset believing beliefs confidence

Redefine Success | Limiting Beliefs

Success in our culture has often been defined as reaching the end game, the ultimate goal. This boxes you into a lack mentality until you reach that goal. Instead, you can make the definition of success a choice – your choice. You get to define its parameters. This puts you in the driver’s seat of your own progress, and allows you to celebrate each milestone that you reach along the way.

Many people have chosen to redefine success as the willingness to be persistent in working towards their goals, no matter how scary and impossible they may seem. By acknowledging your fears and limiting thoughts, but forging ahead anyway, you gain the confidence that comes with being courageous. Even failures turn into successes under this definition because you can choose to be proud of your effort, and not just your end game.

Hit the Reset Button on Your Thoughts | Limiting Beliefs

Our thoughts help shape our reality, and that’s why thinking thoughts of limitlessness is so important. One useful technique to switch your limiting thoughts to limitless ones is to hit the CONTROL + ALT + DELETE button on them. You can even say “CONTROL + ALT + DELETE” out loud or to yourself whenever you notice an idea that no longer serves your best interest coming into your head. Then simply replace it with one that does serve you well.

The key here is to have a positive thought handy so that you can quickly reshape your ideas about your future. Our minds are like children who will go back to doing what we told them not to do unless we redirect them to something better. That’s why it’s so beneficial to listen to affirmations and motivational speakers – they not only make you feel better in the moment, but their underlying message of empowerment also becomes part of your automatic response to life’s challenges.



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