Giving 100% means you never have to walk away from a relationship, job, challenge, or goal with any regrets. These 3 approaches gift you with a game-winning plan for giving your all.

Learn to Say ‘No’

One of the most surprising aspects to giving your all is your ability to properly manage when you won’t give at all. Saying ‘No’ is the outside expression of an inner decision to take personal responsibility for living a life of abundance, passion, and purpose. When you begin to delete items from your to-do list that aren’t aligned with your aspirations, you open up quality time for the ones that are.

Here’s the great news: People who allow themselves to say ‘No’ to certain requests that take advantage of their good nature or limit their ability to get the work done on their objectives are much more likely to succeed.

The Ultimate Guide To Saying ‘No’

Learn to Show Up

Giving your best isn’t linear. There will be some days when you’ve committed to a project, event, or task and realize you’re overstressed, under the weather, or just not up to it that day. Showing up anyway indicates to those around you that even when you’re at you’re worst, you’ll try your best.

People who see that you’re consistent and serious about your goals are going to be more comfortable handing opportunities over to you because they know you’ll follow through. Yet showing up can be difficult, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable and are fearful of what people might think about you.

“Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy.” – Brene Brown

If you’re struggling with showing up for your relationships, work, health, or life goals, try these two success-boosting tools:

Join an accountability group

From NASA astronauts to world-class surgeons, people who have strong team support have been found to perform much better than those who go it alone.

Boost Your Success with Rewards

Neuroscientists have shown that your brain ‘lights up’ with feel-good chemicals when you reward yourself, and this signaling system also helps you to create new habits much more quickly.

Learn to Say ‘Yes’

Just as you can start to reduce the activities that aren’t supporting your goals, you can begin to increase the ones that do. This means having the courage to try new adventures and learn new skills. It also means that you’re setting yourself up for future opportunities that are in sync with your vision for your life.

Saying ‘Yes’ to the unknown can seem daunting, but it also expands your mind and helps you learn the skills that turn your dreams into reality.

“When we say ‘yes’, we are allowing our minds to create a reality, instead of allowing someone else to create it for us.” – Kwame Alexander

Don’t Ask For Permission To Be Great – Lisa Nichols