The joys of finding our purpose are awesome… until that little egoic voice of fear rears its ugly head and says ‘Uh oh, now what’? When you first realize what you came here to do, elation can quickly turn to anxiety. How are you possibly going to become this amazing yet seemingly untouchable being you long to be?

How To Shift from Talking the Talk to Walking the Walk

It’s perfectly natural to feel this way, and in fact it is an indication that you have discovered exactly what you came here to be. Daunting is part of your dream vocabulary because you’re still looking at the 10,000 steps that you need to take, rather than the one step that is right in front of you.

Do It For Free

Some people may remember making homemade birthday cards as a kid, or shaping Playdough into a ‘lovely’ gift for your friends or family.  Turning ‘daunting’ into ‘doable’ simply means channeling your inner child’s creative surety by gifting your purpose to those around you. Whatever your passion – whether it is writing a song, creating business cards, or guiding people to a healthier lifestyle – you can start your dream by gifting pieces of it to those who are already in your life.

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For instance, if you have ambitions of becoming a nutritionist, try baking a healthy yet delicious twist on birthday cake for your family member, friend, or co-worker who is celebrating. Or if you want to write for a living, give a love poem to that crush you’ve been avoiding.

Walking The Walk

By gifting your purpose to others, you start the process of taking action in direction of your dreams. This is such a key part of manifesting your desires because it forces you to focus your energy on exactly what you want to see unfold in your life. This type of heartfelt focus has been shown on a quantum level to attract more of the same to you, so that one free gift to a friend can turn into an abundance of opportunities. Creating with passion also positively reshapes the connections in your brain in ways that help you believe much more in your ability to achieve success.

Denzel Washington – “It’s Yours Already!”



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