Attracting abundance is simple, right? If you’re living in beliefs that are a high vibration, abundance will come easily to you, but sometimes we can feel as though something is holding us back from attracting abundance.

We get caught in a cycle of thought that brings us lack. We have to overcome the lack mentality if we want to make any  progress towards abundance.

Once we edit our limiting beliefs and shift our thoughts into ones that will serve us. When we do this, we can attract anything we desire.

The One Belief That’s Holding You Back from Attracting More Abundance

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Lack Mentality

Lack mentality is a set of beliefs that is not in line with your highest power. It says that you don’t have enough money. It is the belief that you will never be wealthy, and that you can’t buy the things you need. If there are thoughts of scarcity running through your mind, you will only attract more scarcity. Outside changes do not change the lack mentality. The changes have to come from within.

The Cycle of Lack

The cycle of lack continues because our thoughts turn into feelings and perpetuate the sequence. This mentality creates feelings of guilt and deprivation within us, and that’s what we create in our world. This anxiety exacerbates the problems we experience because of our perceived lack. Because we are so tense around money, we make poor choices when spending. Then, there are negative outcomes. This reinforces our belief that we don’t have enough money.

Holding You Back from Attracting The One Belief That's Holding You Back from Attracting More Abundance You become what you believe you are. beliefs law of attraction attracting abundance self money get rich financial how to spiritual confidence happiness

Breaking the Cycle

So, now you know something is holding you back from attracting abundance. How do we break this cycle? When you start believing positive thoughts, then you will be able to create an abundant reality. We can do this by finding appreciation for what we already have. Instead of feeling that we need to spend money, we have the feeling of fulfillment that comes from within. We don’t need to fulfill ourselves with meaningless purchases. This is a shift to the gratitude mentality.

Developing a Mentality of Gratitude

When we achieve the gratitude mentality, a new cycle begins. Our negative emotions are replaced by positive ones that let us embrace our life as it is. Then, we are at peace and because of this, we make smart choices around money. We do not have the compulsion to spend money and by doing this, we accumulate wealth. The universe responds by granting us with the abundance we want.

To become more grateful, start with a daily practice. In the morning, write down five things you are grateful for in your life. They could be very simple things like the smell of the air in the morning, or it could be something bigger, like owning your own home. Meditate on the things that put you in a grateful mind state. You can also develop gratitude by telling the world how grateful you are!

Abundance is yours when you break the cycle of lack. By becoming grateful, we attract more of the things we are grateful for.