Happiness Is No Accident

Many people observe the ‘happy people’ in their lives and feel jealous, mistaking their happiness as some sort of lottery winnings. The fact is, happy people make active choices every day in their thinking, behavior, priorities, and reactions to life. We all make choices, but do we recognize how many we control throughout each day? Or do we think that life is something that happens to us? It isn’t! Life is what we have been born with, it is our waking up, our walking, our thinking, our deciding, our enjoyment, our challenges and our triumphs. We can choose far more than we realize. It takes practice, and then one day we may discover that we have grown into a life of happiness.

5 Simple Things Happy People Do Every Day

1. Have Gratitude | Things Happy People Do

Happy people take time each day to be aware of the many good things in their lives. Family, good health, a fun camping trip, new shoes, beautiful clouds, freedom, a favorite recipe, and pets all contribute to their day. They thank the spiritual being they rely upon. If they don’t believe in that, they can recognize the multitude of good things and good people in their lives.

2. Invest In Your Health | Things Happy People Do

The basics are called that because they affect daily life in essential and significant ways: choose to eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise the body, and actively practice good mental health. Several wise people over the years have advised that we either invest in our good health now, or we pay for our bad health later. Today is the day you invest in your health like never before!

5 Simple Things Happy People Do Every Day - You Can Too

3. Connect With Nature | Things Happy People Do

“They might not even realize its impact on their happiness, but happy people make it a point to get outdoors.

We are physical creatures and have deep-seated needs that include being in natural environments. The sensory experience of walking among trees and sitting in sunshine can’t be measured, but it definitely can be felt. We step out of our own immediate concerns and refresh our wonder at life. It may or may not add years to your life, but it adds deep and abiding joy.

4. Choose People Over Objects | Things Happy People Do

Spending time with people- good people- relaxes the body and stimulates the mind. We are a social species and need the interaction. It gives us opportunities to connect, have support, serve others, get outside our ourselves, and have fun. Material objects, while they have their place, can never share love, laughs, and thought. Spend some time, energy, and money on experiences with people rather than on possessing things that, honestly, tend to require maintenance.

Spend time with people who are good for your mental health. friend friendship quote time camp camping campfire lonely loneliness happy happiness fearless sou Spend time with people who are good for your mental health. 5 Simple Things Happy People Do Every Day - You Can Too

5. Build A Hope-filled Environment | Things Happy People Do

“Happy people say that they feel belongingness where they live and that they look forward to coming home when they have been away.

The mood within our homes is entirely up to everyone living there. Do we build ourselves and others up? Are we using positive phrases when we describe our day? Do we shut off social media and the perpetual stream of alarming news? Do we play our favorite music and dance like no ones watching? We can actively provide a healthy environment for our minds and spirits to learn, experience, solve problems, and build memories. Home is our haven away from the rest of the world, so when we practice happiness, we keep the world from pouring in and crowding our home atmosphere. It’s up to us.


Each home is different and faces different challenges, but we never lose the ability to make choices. We start inside ourselves and build outwards, making choices in what we do, who we associate with, and how we think differently. Happiness is like the air – we only need to accept it. Just think how silly a child looks when they hold their breath during a temper tantrum: who are they hurting? Themselves! Breathe in; breathe deeply. make your choice, and then go for it. Nothing is guaranteed, but you will find your own unique way to being one of the happy people.