5 Awful Things We’re Doing With Our Life That Make Us Unhappy

Human happiness is a complicated subject, it has been studied for thousands of years but there is still no concrete way of staying happy.

Of particular note is when we see people who are rich and/or famous seeking counselling or contemplating suicide.

Most people believe money or fame would make them happy, but we see that does not guarantee happiness either.

Happiness is a process, it is a daily task of self development. Learning about ourselves, learning what we want and don’t want can take a lifetime.

So here are 5 things that will destroy your happiness. Eliminate them and you will be well on your way to a happier existence.



We all do it to some degree, but if it gets to the point where it is holding you back you need to take action.

Overthinking is a habit and all habits can be redirected.

If you find yourself thinking negatively you need to snap out of it speak to someone positive, listen to music that moves you, go outside for a run.

Whatever it takes to make you think differently.

If we continually do this it becomes a new habit, you are rewiring your brain and building a new mindset.

The deeper you are into overthinking the harder it will be. Do not give in, free your thoughts for a happier existence.

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Thinking You Will Only Achieve Happiness When You Get Something

Whether it’s the new car, new job or new partner we often think attaining the next thing will be the catalyst for a higher level of happiness.

What we need to do is realize that happiness is not determined by what is happening around us or by what we have. It comes from within you.

We need to be grateful for what we have today. Let tomorrow be a surprise.

A great exercise is to write down everything you are grateful for each morning, it doesn’t need to be a list just scribble your thoughts, you will be surprised at how powerful this exercise can be.

Try it now for 21 days (enough time to form a new habit) and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed.


Poor Health

Health is the foundation that anything meaningful in life is built on, without health we have nothing.

Which is why it is so surprising that such an important matter is often overlooked.

Most people seem to forget how much their health affects the way that they feel. Exercise and diet can raise our energy levels.

Think about it, if your body is full of energy and you are bursting out of your skin, you are much more likely to do something productive, not only that but exercise and diet will also increase your brain function so you can think clearer, reduce stress, gain perspective on where you are and where you are going in life and of course make you live longer.

Improve your health today and you will thank yourself later.



Having high standards can be great, it can drive us to produce our best work and perform at a consistently high level. Perfectionism on the other hand can be counterproductive.

If you are unwilling to publish something because it’s not ‘perfect’ but your standards are so unrealistically high that it most likely will never see the light of day. You need to change your thinking.

Ten tasks completed at 90% are always better then one that will never go anywhere.

Perfection Happiness Anxiety Reflection Thoughts Unhappy Emotions Gratitude Positive Thought Thinking

Expecting People To Think The Way You Do

If you expect people to treat you nicely because that’s the way you treat them. You are in for a shock.

Everyone is different some people are cynical, some are downright nasty. You have to be careful who you expose yourself to and who you put your trust in. It is important to find people who you can trust with your happiness.

Whether it’s at your work or in a social setting, you must surround yourself with people on the same page as you. Remember not everyone is deserving of your kindness. Are there some people in your life that are not grateful for your endeavour?

You are the average the 5 people you spend the most time with. If they think negatively it will affect your state of mind. Consider the people you spend the most time with, perhaps it’s time to make a change?