Technology is a huge part of the modern world.

At every moment and almost everywhere you look, there is someone using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Yet we seem to be more disconnected from each other than ever. So while technology has given us monumental advantages, the challenge its presents us with is this: In order to connect, we must disconnect.

Consider the following questions. Your answers could be a sign that it’s time to make some minor adjustments in the amount of time you are dedicating to technology.

Can you remember the last time you went a whole day without checking your phone?

Are you are avoiding reality by spending time on technology?

What did you love to do before you had a smartphone?


Technology was created to connect us, and it has succeeded in some ways but failed us in others. We have quantity of connections via followers and likes, but there is little quality, or dare I say, intimacy to be found.

So how do we set about reconnecting to the things we love in life – without involving technology?



What makes you happy?

The first step in the process of disconnecting from technology is to spend some time considering what brings you joy. Perhaps it’s going to the beach, or spending time in nature. Maybe it’s connecting with family and friends IN PERSON. Whatever it is, make a promise to yourself that you will start to reintroduce it into your life.

It doesn’t have to be every day; it can be once a week or even once a month. The amount is not important. What’s important is the act of reconnecting with who you are outside of your Facebook or Twitter account, and spending time doing things that make you feel alive.



Commit to change.

The second step is to be consistent with this practice. It’s easy to tell ourselves that we are going change, but committing to it regularly is something completely different. The best way to create a new habit is to practice it daily, then before you know it, you are using technology to support you in the way in which it was intended, rather than being stuck in the cycle of mindless hours in front of a screen.

Technology has great benefits and in face can be used to connect us when it is used in the right measure. Honour your time and respect yourself enough to make sure this is how you use it in your life.

Do you have a favourite way of switching off from technology? Share it in the comments!




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