Let’s be honest, dad is tired of the socks and undies, Mum doesn’t need more cooking appliances and Uncle Bob doesn’t really like romance novels…

Your family and friends don’t need more “stuff” in their lives. They might need to learn the skills to be able to buy their own stuff, but they really don’t NEED any material things, for Christmas or any other occasion. This year why not try something different, give a gift that might just change their life, if only in a small way. A gift that might open their eyes to a wonderful change or new perspective.

Here are 6 wonderful gifts from the heart:

1. A donation on their behalf

It’s often said that giving is its own reward, and it is true, so this way you get a double reward. Your gift is already a gift to someone in greater need. There are some wonderful charities around the world that are always in need of donations and sponsorship, if your receiver  has a big heart why not arrange a donation on their behalf to the charity of their choice. If you want, you can also arrange for them to do the same in return, spreading kindness and love and playing the pass-it-on game of giving.

tony robbins quotes

2. A book that will open their heart or take them to a higher level

Just like any gift you should always buy for the person, not for yourself. If they don’t read books, don’t buy them a book, it will most likely never be read. But if they are book lovers or open to self development there really isn’t much better than a powerful read to raise your spiritual muscles. Here are some recommendations for all types:

A great book gift for anyone:

A great book gift for the spiritual type:

A great book gift for the self-motivated entrepreneur type:

2. Absolutely ANYTHING by Tony Robbins

A great book gift for the law of attraction lovers:

3. The Law Of Attraction by Abraham Hicks

A great book gift for parents:


3. An audio book

For those that prefer audio books over actual books this can be a great gift. iTunes, AmazonMP3 and GooglePlay all allow the ability to “gift” audio books to any recipient and any chosen date. So you can gift an audio book or album and select the delivery date as Christmas day.

All of the great books mentioned above and many more are available on iTunes and AmazonMp3 to gift.

4. Motivation to start!

Sometimes all us humans need to make a change is a gentle nudge in the right direction.
Feeding your mind with positive thoughts daily will soon translate into a better quality of life, happier living and most like success in all other areas.
Start your day with positive power – and share the love with your friends. Good Vibes Only and Guided Meditations For Abundance are available now to Download or gift on iTunesGooglePlay, and AmazonMP3

5. A card with the greatest words

If your funds are limited or non existent, a card with TRUE, loving words of exactly how you feel about the person can never go wrong. A card with your feelings should come with every gift, and if there is no gift the card alone is more than enough. Words and feelings are so much more powerful than material things, if you share your heart, the right people will appreciate and love you far more than they would receiving any expensive gift.

The greatest words are always words shared with authenticity and love.

6. A video made with love

Most smart phones these days come with the ability to make quick Hollywood-like movie trailers using built in apps that are 100% free to use. A child could easily compile something great with these apps, and so can you. Drag your favorite images and videos from your camera roll to the application and add some inspiring music to suit their personality, the app will do the rest itself. On iPhones you can use iMovie.
There you go, some new gift ideas that will help your family and friends in a deeper level than ever before. Even more personal than undies, better than money and longer lasting than the love handles you will get from all the food you eat on xmas day.
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