Failure and unexpected setbacks can result in us feeling down. Moreover, re-living the tragedies (something we are often guilty of) can affect our performance in the future leading us down a dark rabbit hole.

Failure and unexpected setbacks are not the only issues that can have us feeling down, but there is a consensus that feeling sad is no way to live.

Feeling down is acceptable, but remaining in a state of depression is not healthy. Here are some few ways you can pick yourself up.

Focus on the Positives

According to a study by British Columbia, individuals are more likely to remember emotional occurrences, particularly negative ones. This explains why we look at the world through a negative lens. However, if you are to bring yourself back up, you have to be optimistic.

Think about the great things in your life from your family, and friends to the small things such as having food and a roof over your head. We also recommend journaling as it enables you to remember the positive things in your life. Furthermore, it (journaling) reduces stress and clarifies your thoughts and feelings.

Feeling Down? 7 Actions That Will Bring You Back Up depression sadness Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. quote

Make a To-Do-List

Often, you become overwhelmed owing to the sheer number of things you have to do. Trying to remember everything is a mental burden and tasks seem unfeasible when held mentally for too long.

Creating a to-do-list releases you from the burden of having to remember everything. Also, you can break-up the tasks into small achievable chunks. There is also the bonus of accomplishment when you cross-off an item from the list.

When Feeling Down, Change your Perception

Perception is an attitude, a mental position that determines how you react to a stimulus. It is how you see the world. However, similar to how you can adjust the angle of a photo, you can change your mental position.

Yes, you may not have the money to buy a new car, but you can change your perception and start appreciating the vehicle you have.

Yes, you may not be in a position to move to a better neighborhood, but why not be grateful that you have a roof over your head.

Feeling Down? 7 Actions That Will Bring You Back Up Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions – not outside. Marcus Aurelius quote depression sadness anxiety

Physical Activity

John J. Ratey, a Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, insists that every day there is more and more evidence that exercise is the best way to treat mild depression. Moreover, exercising releases endorphins that are a feel-good factor.

Therefore, when feeling down, go for a jog, join an exercise group or even lift weights at the gym. You can take up a sport (preferably football, baseball, or tennis), and ensure you add walking to your daily routine.

Change your Self-Talk

We are always talking to ourselves. Self-talk is that voice that says you look good when you look in the mirror. It is the voice that has you believing you will ace that test. However, 80% of all self-talk is negative, and most people don’t realise what they are saying to themselves is what has them feeling down

Engaging in positive self-talk, on the other hand, introduces positive thoughts that save you from depression. Tell yourself you are worthy of joy, fulfillment, and happiness. Look in the mirror and remind yourself of something you are proud of. Finally, list the things you are proud of and go back to that list when feeling down.

Feeling Down? 7 Actions That Will Bring You Back Up Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love. brine brown quote self talk love depression sadness quote

Live in the Moment

The feeling of being down is often caused by ruminating over the past or worrying about the future.

Rarely does the present moment cause depression or anxiety. Eckhart Tolle insists that human suffering is the result of us living in our minds instead of the present moment. Living in the past results in pain for something you did or did not do while the future results in fear owing to uncertainty.

However, the present moment lifts you and connects you to the calm of our essential being.

Talk to a Friend

Friends are there for the good and tough times, you’ll need them even more when feeling down. Therefore, ask a friend out to lunch and talk about what is bothering you.

You might get solutions to your problems but getting things off your chest also makes a huge difference. You can also ask them to talk about the positives in your life, or how your life is better than you think.

Interacting with friends releases endorphins in the system and will give you a lift.

Wrapping Up

Feeling down is only human, but staying down is not. Get started on one of the actions above to lift yourself. Finally, we love hearing from our readers so leave a comment below and do share.

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