5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Feel Happy

We all have days when we don’t feel 100% If today is one of those days, it’s time to try one of these 5 scientifically proven ways to feel happy..

5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Feel Happy

1- Have a cup of green tea

There’s a reason tea is the no#1 most consumed drink on Earth (apart from water) because it’s great, apart from the health benefits we’ve all heard about. A university study released the results of a study they conducted proving that people that consume green tea, were more relaxed, attentive, and in a better mood overall. Isn’t it time you poured yourself a cuppa?


2 – Exercise

Most people don’t pay much attention to how they feel each day and don’t correlate it with their own health (unless they are sick). The benefits of exercise are too numerous to mention we just need to remember that for the human body to produce energy we need oxygen. Our ‘fitness’ level’ can increase the efficiency of this process thus providing us with more energy and vitality! Exercise also release endorphins or the ‘feel good hormone’ which will have you feeling in better in no time.

hint: endorphins are also released during laughter and sex!

5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Feel Happy

3 – Sleep

Ah a good nights sleep the seemingly unreachable fruit desired by many. Sleep and sleeping pattern has a major effect on your daily vitality. As the science says; Sleep deprivation is associated with mood instability and leads to over-reactions and impairment of judgment.

So make a fresh effort at fixing your sleeping cycle, stick to a set time to wake up. If you really want to feel better then don’t take any ‘devices’ to bed with you, and you’ll be snoring before you know it (The bright light in our faces makes our brain think it’s morning and time to wake up) Another important step is to reduce your caffeine intake. The half-life of caffeine (how long it takes your body to half the amount in your system) is 4-6 hours! so you could drink 2 cups of coffee before lunch and when you go to sleep you will still have half a cup of coffee circulating and keeping you awake!

4 – Meditate

If you haven’t tried meditation yet, well you are missing out! There is good reason why most of the most successful people on Earth, meditate.. Numerous scientific studies (over 200 in 2013 alone) concluded that there are many positive benefits to meditation. Not only will it make you calmer, it gives you a chance to work through all of the mental blocks we carry around with us each day. So try it today and see why it’s popularity continues to surge.

5- Be grateful

How often we forget how blessed we really are, just to be alive is a miracle in itself . This is another habit practised by the ultra successful. Each morning write down what you are grateful for.. your health, family, roof over your head, and opportunity to do whatever you want in life. It’s all in your hands. Just think how many people are in the world right now literally praying for the conditions that you live in and take for granted every day. Once we remember how lucky we really are, most of our problems pale in comparison.

Have a great day let yourself feel happy and keep smiling!

5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Feel Happy



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