Guided Meditation For Connecting To Your Higher Self

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Track: “Inner Being” + Album: Guided Meditations For Abundance
Speaker: Jess Shepherd of Connect & Cre8

Take a few deep breaths in and out, relaxing, releasing any worries, tension or stress, breathing deeply in and out.

We are going to gently turn our attention inward.

Breathe into the space between your eyebrows, in and out focusing on the space in-between your eyebrows.  Normally we are looking out through our eyes, facing outward, thinking about the outside, what is going on in our lives, we are going to take a few moments to change our perspective to go within.

Breathe into that eyebrow space, in and out.

Imagine you are turning your attention around, feel yourself turning around to look back at yourself between your eyebrow space.

Breathing as you turn around to see within.

Breathe in this space which sees within, take your time to really feel as though you have turned around, now Looking within.

Get a feeling of seeing your brain working, the electric impulses firing, the transportation of information and movement that is within your brain, your mind, your thinking.

Don’t worrie if you cant see or feel anything, just relax and breathe and follow the intention there is that you feel the awarness.

Looking inward, move your vision or feeling down your body to your heart space.

Take some time to watch what is happening in your heart space.

Become the observer, without judgement, watching the internal dialogue that is the movement within  your body and within your mind.

Become the observer.

Breathe, just watch or feel with no attachement to what you see or feel just sence it, don’t hold onto any one thing, just notice.  You are the observer.

Breathe as you look within.

Who is the observer, the you that is watching yourself.

This is your inner being, the soul of you, this is the one that is infinite, unchangeable, the true inner essence that is who you are.

How does this inner being who is observing feel.  Feel this inner being that is you.

Does it feel loving, understanding, knowing, peaceful, beautiful, light, powerful?

This is what you really are.  You are energy and you are magnificent.

Feel that inner being, what some call your soul.  Feel how amazing you truly are, how much love there is.

Now take your attention back to looking within your body from the view of all that you truly are.  Feel that observer, your inner being, your soul move back within your body, feel it filling your body, your space.  Feel it connecting with your heart and your mind.  Feel the flow between your body, heart, mind and your soul.  Feel this whole of  you, the blending of your body, mind, heart and soul.  Think the thoughts from your inner beings perspective,  feel in your heart the feelings from the perspective of your inner being.  The unseen part of you.  Feel it all functioning and flowing together.

This is your vibrational reality; the state of allowing is the state of allowing the whole of you, letting that inner being that is you out, letting it be expressed within the world with the fluid coupling of your wonderful heart, your clever powerful mind and your strong, capable body.

Bring your attention back to your breathe.. in and out, breathing deeply, in and out…. feeling your hands and your feet, becoming aware of the room or space you are in,

Breathing in and out.