The Most Important Time In The World Is The Time You Make For Yourself

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One of the quickest ways to BE BETTER than you are right now, to understand your energy or your vibrational frequency, is to devote time to your inner self, to focus on breathing, to meditate and to go within. Every great leader or truly successful person devotes time to go within.

Let’s face it we all want to be better. Better for our business, have a better job, have healthier, fitter bodies, be better parents, friends or family members.

If you want your life to get better then NOW IS THE TIME TO DEVOTE TIME TO YOURSELF.
It may only be 10 minutes everyday, but I promise you it will change your life.
When we listen to our inner selves, GIVE to ourselves and LOVE ourselves FIRST, then all of the relationships and events around us will be deeper, more fulfilling and easier.
I am talking about filling your own cup up first. Don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.
You are responsible for YOU and you are the only one who can love and respect you in the way you want to be loved and respected. It starts with YOU!

Fill Your Own Cup Up First

Fill your cup up first and allow it to overflow to others, to your business, to your work, to your partner, to your children. It is only when you can be devoted to yourself first that you can truly give to others with on open heart, a heart that is not attached to the outcome of what others do or say, or how they respond. You must get comfortable with spending time with yourself, loving yourself, being with yourself, BREATHING, being conscious of your life force, of your energy.

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Energy flows where attention goes. Give yourself attention!!

Becoming aware of yourself and your energy will change the very nature of who you are and how your energy flows.
Spend 20 minutes every day attending to your inner self. Simply bring your attention to your breath. Imagine every breath in you take to be devotion to you and every breath out to be devotion of others. Notice your breath, is it more shallow on the breath in and longer on the out, or is it full and long on the way in and short and quick on the way out. Notice your heart beating, FEEL it pumping blood throughout your body, FEEL the flow that is WITHIN you.
FEEL how miraculous and marvellous you are just to be ALIVE, what an amazing feat of evolution it is that your body functions with such mastery that it knows exactly what to do.
You are a MIRICLE, go within, place your attention on the unseen part of you. Devote a little time to yourself first before anyone or anything else. EVERYTHING in your life WILL BE BETTER. EVERYTHING BECOMES EASIER.

Connect With Your Deepest Self

Connect with the part of you that KNOWS the answers to your questions.
Connect with the part of you that KNOWS that you have more than enough time everyday to get done what you want and need to get done. Connect to the part of you that speaks of love and happiness, FEEL that love and happiness filling your heart. You are a magnificent creator.
Say your affirmations from this place of calmness and inner attention. I am energy, I am love, everything works out for me, I am abundant, I am successful, I am strong.

Feel the joy of being all the things you wish for NOW. Feel it deeply in your heart as you sit quietly and breathe.
See the pictures of yourself surrounded by the things you love and want. FEEL it.. move around in the picture. Give it as much action as you possibly can. See the HAPPINESS, see the JOY of what you want. If it was a movie what would it look like? What would you be doing in this movie of your ultimate happiness?
If you don’t know what you want, this is one of the fastest ways to get in touch with what it is you TRULY want….
Connect, give attention to your heart, put your hand on your heart as you breath and ask it.. what kind of life do I really want? What would make me truly happy? And listen to the answer..
Don’t doubt what comes, ACKNOWLEDGE IT. Listen to your heart, and say YES to it. YES I hear you,
YES I hear what you are saying..

Knowing What You Want Is The First Step

It’s the first step of the law of attraction – knowing what you want. Society has convinced some of us that being selfless and sacrificing everything for others is the most righteousness thing you can do. But the opposite is true; if you can give to yourself first before everyone else it makes what you give so much more powerful.
Get to know you, listen to your heart.
You should know.
Be brave, be fearless enough to go within and be bold enough to TAKE TIME TO LISTEN.

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