Your Pain Is Part Of Your Puzzle – Inspiring Speech To Help You Move On

Your pain is a gift, sent to make you stronger.

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Speaker: Raymond Shinault
Film by: Adele Brodskaja
Cast: Mathilde Lebouc, Tara Lee Parvus, Tim Berlioz, Thomas d’Aboy

Transcript – Your Pain Is Part Of Your Puzzle – Inspiring Speech To Help You Move On

Whatever pain you’ve been through. Whatever pain you’re going through… know that it wasn’t sent to make you weaker… know that it was sent to make you stronger.

Trust that it wasn’t sent to beat you down… but to raise you up.

Trust that it wasn’t sent to break you, but to make you.

Think of your life like a giant puzzle.

In order to complete the puzzle. The masterpiece that is your life… every piece is just as important as the other.

You have different shapes, different colours… on their own they seem random and incomplete… but together they make sense.

Once all the pieces come together you can see the bigger picture…

You have to be able to see the bigger picture in your life… or at least have faith your puzzle will come together in time.

But your puzzle won’t come together unless you have your eyes open…

If you quit and walk away… your puzzle will never come together.

If you give up at the first sign of struggle you might not get to see the bigger picture of your life.

Your masterpiece will come together… piece by piece if you keep going.

Your pain is a part of the puzzle that is your life.

You might think you could do without those pieces… but without them you’re not whole… youre missing something…

Every single part of a puzzle is as important as the next piece… and likewise every single event of your life made you who you are today.

Without pain and struggle you wouldn’t have strength and character.

Without negative people you might not appreciate the positive people in your life.

Without that rejection or break up you might not have been guided to something better.

Without that person saying you couldn’t do it, you might not have had the motivation to do it.

Without sadness and depression you might lack the compassion and caring you have today.

Without experiencing what YOU DO NOT WANT… you may not be so clear as to what you do want.

Without painful endings you may not have been led to that great new beginning.

There is a reason and a purpose in everything, and a true blessing in everything if you can open your eyes to see it and open your heart to know it.

Don’t ask why me. Don’t say I didn’t deserve this…

Ask How can I use this? How can this make me stronger, better, wiser?

Use the pain in your life as fuel to take you wherever you need to go.

Use the mess in your life as a blessing to take you some place better.

Have faith and trust that some endings are sent for new beginnings.

It might not feel great at the time, but keep your head up and be open to the fact that you deserve better and if you keep believing you’ll get better.

Be open to the fact that you can’t see the rest of the puzzle just yet… but just trust it will be a masterpiece…

If you keep believing, have faith, keep growing and working on yourself… everything will come together perfectly… at the right time.

All of us experience pain and hard times… only some of us USE that pain to grow. Don’t just go through it. Grow through it.

It will make you better if you can find the courage inside you to keep going.

Come out the other side of your pain stronger, better and wiser.

Your greatest life can not be lived without the strength that comes from your struggles.

Your best life cannot be lived without great challenges. Trust this is a part of life.

Find the purpose in the pain. Be one of the few who see the message in the mess.

Be one of the few who gain the strength through the struggle. Who see the blessing in the lessons.

The Rock once said:

“I like to use the hard times in the past to motivate me today”

Use the hard times of your past to motivate you, not as an excuse, but as your purpose.

your pain is part of your puzzle

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