As tiny babies, we come into this world full of power. While we don’t have physical power or intellectual power yet, we are born with the innate ability of being comfortable fully expressing ourselves.

We don’t worry that our crying will annoy our parents or worry that our thighs are too big. Unfortunately, as we gain physical and intellectual power, this ultimate capacity for loving ourselves and believing in ourselves can get stripped away.

Society tells us that we need to be a certain way to fit in. Our families often perpetuate these stories out of a desire to keep us safe. Negative events happen and we rack up the wounds of living in a physical body on Earth. Some of us experience more trauma than others, but we all hold the scars of living in an imperfect world.

Over time, we tend to give away bits of our power. Sometimes, we unconsciously decided that having our power in a situation wasn’t safe. Other times, our power may have been forcibly taken away by others. We may have even chosen to give our power away because it felt easier to allow someone else to control our lives.

Later, many of us wake up and realize that we don’t feel as fulfilled and happy as we’d like. Maybe we find ourselves in relationships, jobs or living situations that aren’t what we actually wanted.

Fortunately, we can reclaim our power. In doing so we are able to shift not only the outer situations in our lives but how we feel about ourselves and who we know ourselves to be.

While getting your power back is an ongoing process, there are some simple steps you can take on a daily basis that will help you reclaim more and more of your power.

Alchemist Michelle Martin Dobbins Explains How To Get Your Power Back

Step 1: Decide to Claim Your Power Back

Before you can effectively get your power back, you have to realize that you no longer possess all of your power and make the decision to gain it back. This is an energetic process and one you will likely have to repeat daily. One of the ways I decided to be my most powerful self was by creating a statement of being. My current statement of being is:

I am a radiant, beautiful, magical author, alchemist and teacher who expands the joy, love, magic and delight in my life and the lives of those I touch.

You can create yours in 5 simple steps:

Start with the words “I am,” then list who you have decided to be in the world. Then, add the word “who” and fill in what you are going to do in the world. Think big. You are already impacting the world every single day. You might as well decide how you want to do it.

Once you get it written in a way that makes you smile, memorize it and also, write it down in places you will later see it.

Follow your decisions and be who you have decided to be. No one can stop you.

Don’t share it with anyone unless you are 100% sure they will be supportive.

Step 2: Daily Visualization or Meditation

Personal power is a metaphysical, beyond the physical, concept and in order to get your power back some of the work will be internal. Take a few minutes each morning to call back your power by visualizing it returning. You could also meditate on how you feel now that you have your power back. This will help you to cement the decision into your body and remind you to take action daily to get your power back.

Step 3: Release Old Stories and Heal Wounds

There are many ways to release old patterns of giving away your power. Traditional therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping, the Sedona Method, and Byron Katie’s The Work are all different ways of releasing old stories and gaining back your power. Do some research and try out different releasing techniques.

Journaling can also be helpful. Take some time to write and answer questions such as “If I had my full power, I would…” or “What would I be doing if I fully owned my power?’”

We can’t change the past but we can do the work to heal and release it.

Alchemist Michelle Martin Dobbins Explains How To Get Your Power Back

Step 4: Practice Self-Care

Part of getting your power back is taking care of yourself. When we wait for others to meet our needs in the world, we give away big chunks of our power. That’s not to say that we can’t accept help from others, but when it comes to loving ourselves and knowing that we are a worthy person, we have to go first.

I even created a daily love list for myself of twenty self-care items and make sure I check off at least 10 a day. It can be something like mindfully putting lotion on after my shower or more outside my comfort zone like asking someone for help.

You are worth the time to take loving actions and think loving thoughts about yourself. This isn’t selfish. It’s necessary to care for yourselfves before you will be capable of caring for others. We can’t wait for anyone else to give us permission. Give it to yourself.

Step 4: Establish Boundaries

As we gain our power back, we start to notice the ways in which we have allowed our power to leak away from us. We say yes when we want to say no. We allow people to treat us in ways that don’t value us as a person. Our relationships with others can bring great fulfillment if we establish boundaries that protect our power.

One of the boundaries I’ve created is to set specific times that I answer emails, look at social media, or respond to client messages. By creating boundaries. I can make sure I do my most important tasks such as my spiritual practice and my creative work first. If I start with helping other people, I never seem to make time for my most powerful work in the world.

Step 5: Repeat Daily to Get Your Power Back

Getting our power back is a process that we have to make part of our daily life. It gets easier as we let go of the past and create habits of self-care and clean boundaries. There will always be aspects of society that would gladly take your power if you don’t keep up these practices as part of your life.

When you get your power back, not only will it help you create a joyful and fulfilling life, but you help heal the world. The more people who stand in their power, the more space we create for others to do the same.

May we reclaim our power and use it to create healing and beauty in the world.



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