Telling apart a spiritual master from pretentious teachers is an arduous task.

First, we can’t take everything at face value, as any ragtag and bobtail can claim to be a spiritual master.

Moreover, most confuse gurus for spiritual masters. While the former will teach you the ways of this world, a spiritual master has freed themselves from the worldly desires. They will not only guide you through tough times but if you are willing, they will put you on a path of enlightenment.

Should you come across one, you will notice these traits of a spiritual master..

1. Spiritual Masters Are Free From Attachment

One trait of a spiritual master is that they are non-attached. No, not indifferent, only that they do not derive value from worldly or materialistic things.

You can tell an indifferent individual from an enlightened fellow in that the former is insensitive and dispassionate about the world while the latter still loves, is passionate, and excited about things around him without being attached to them. Instead, a true master recognizes the temporary nature of worldly possessions and chooses to focus on embellishing his heart and soul.

6 Traits of a Spiritual Master: Only One in 100 Practice Them All When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. Lao Tzu quote

2. They Do Not Judge

You can recognize an awakened fellow by their non-judgmental nature. It is one of the traits of a spiritual master. Judging a person boils down to the fact that they have a character that does not tickle our fancy. It is natural for we cannot know what acceptance is without being judgmental.

A spiritual master though accepts you as you are. They recognize you are unique, that that’s what makes you beautiful and they embrace and love everything about you.

3. They Are One With Nature

Another trait of a spiritual master is that they are one with nature. Unlike the world around that treats nature as a resource to be exploited, a master appreciates every part of it. They understand the interconnectedness of all life and that the world is our common home. They treat nature with respect and live as equal participants realizing that we are all children of the universe.

6 Traits of a Spiritual Master: Only One in 100 Practice Them All To be at one with nature, is to be at one with yourself. nature quote

4. A Spiritual Master Is The Embodiment Of Love

I believe that all the other traits of a spiritual master flow from the fact they are the personification of love. Unlike most people who find it challenging to love unreservedly, enlightened folks love unconditionally. They have a deep appreciation for all people and nature and understand that love is the universal language. Understood by man and nature alike.

5. Spiritual Masters Are Sensitive But Non-Reactive

Feelings are overwhelming. How often can a person offend you without you defending yourself? We have perfected the art of giving people a taste of our minds whenever we are affronted. We are quite sensitive but explosive. As a countermeasure, we choose to numb ourselves to the world.

However, another trait of a spiritual master is that they are sensitive but non-reactive. They have managed to cultivate the perfect balance and are at a point where they understand that not everything needs a reaction. They let the emotions flow through them without generating a reaction.

6 Traits of a Spiritual Master: Only One in 100 Practice Them All Emotions are the launguage of the soul. quote karla mclaren

6. Teaching Others Is Natural

Rumi was a spiritual master back in the 13th century who blessed us with poetry. However, it was his student who wrote down his poems, and often Rumi could not remember what he taught. This is characteristic of any spiritual master. They speak from the heart and teaching comes to them naturally. They engage with others effortlessly, and their lessons resonate with most folks.

Wrapping Up

Spiritual masters are rare, but that should not keep you from looking for one. Though we cannot all be at their level of understanding, there is a lot we can learn from them for a truly fulfilling life.



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