The Meaning Of Your Life – Master Your Mind – Motivational Video

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Speakers: Raymond Shinault, Freddy Fri
Artwork Copyright Fearless Soul, by 8thDamon

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Transcript – The Meaning Of Your Life – Master Your Mind – Motivational Video

It seems these days less and less people take responsibility for their life.

 It seems less and less people master their emotions.
 They don’t run their life.
 They allow life to run them.

Their problems are blamed on everyone and everything, 
but they never take responsibility for their own life.

Most importantly, they never take responsibility for how they feel.

Does life happen TO YOU
 or does life happen FOR you?
The answer you give that question will shape your life.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason that benefits you in some way?
Or do you believe life is hard, and you are at the mercy of a little thing called “luck”?

What if every painful experience in your life was actually sent to benefit you, to make you stronger, to make you wiser, to make you better?

What if the challenge you are facing was sent to make you stronger?

What if the difficult person was actually sent to teach you something?
Compassion, patience, a reminder of how not to treat people… What if the loss you experienced was sent to make you appreciate life more?

The way we feel about everything in our life… IS OUR LIFE.

The meaning of your life

The truth is, every human being decides how they are going to live their life, because we all decide what meaning we give to each and every moment in our lives.

We do not decide what shows up
But we do decide how we show up

We do not decide the circumstances that arrive each day
But we absolutely decide how we are going to react to each circumstance.

There’s no such thing as actual reality.
There’s only our perception of reality.
Think about that.
There is no such thing as REALITY. 
There’s only your version of it.

If you think about any-thing or any event, your version of it, or your opinion of it, will be completely different to many other people.

Two people could attend the same event, see the same things, speak to the same people and leave with absolutely opposite thoughts about that event, if they liked the people they spoke to, if they enjoyed the event.
How could this be. It was the same event?
It’s an interpretation.
The meaning both people gave the event is different.
That meaning is based on a life of conditioning, a life of absorbing others opinions and then forming our own,
but the point is WE DECIDE that meaning.

Bob Marley said some people dance in the rain, others just get wet.
The same is true for everything in life.
Some people drudge through life, they get by.
Others LIVE LIFE, they make the most of it, they appreciate the little things, which make a HUGE difference in their lives.

But don’t worry about what other people do.
What do you do?
Do you appreciate all the good in your life?
Do you LOOK for the good each day?
Do you wake up EXPECTING great things to come every day?
Do you feel compassion when someone is acting in a way that is not to your standards?
Do you believe every tough moment in your life was sent to make you stronger, and in some way improve your life?

Every meaning you give, to every-thing in your life, MAKES YOUR LIFE.

Choose empowering meanings, because the better your meanings, the better your life!

The stronger your meanings!
The stronger your life!

It’s our decisions not our conditions that control our life and our DESTINY.

I may not decide what shows up, but I always decide how I show up! Click to Tweet



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