When we aren’t feeling happy and content in life we certainly won’t find it easy to be productive. Our ability to get up and get moving in life is intimately connected to how we are feeling within ourselves.

If you are looking for some simple ways to increase your productivity and generate a sense of happiness and purpose for your life then look no further!

Here is a list of simple tips you can implement into your life that can boost your mood and help you to get on track.

12 Life Changing Tips for Happiness and Productivity

1. Meditate

Sit. Breathe. Take a moment to be present with yourself, here and now.

12 Life Changing Tips for Happiness and Productivity meditation meditate quote mind quiet Silence isn‘t empty  it‘s full of answers.

2. Spend time with loved ones

Spend time with those who love you unconditionally. Whether it’s family by blood or family by choice. The ones you love will always make you feel happy simply by being in their presence.

3. Tidy up

Make the conscious choice to clean and tidy your home, your car, even your desk at work. When we are surrounded by clutter and mess it’s hard to stay focused and on track. Clear the clutter and organize your space so that you feel in control of and happy with your environment.

4. Dance | Life Changing Tips

This is a no-brainer. Dance. In your car, on the street, in your lounge room. Put on some of your favourite music and let the beat move you.

12 Life Changing Tips for Happiness and Productivity Dance is the hidden language of the soul  and body. Martha graham quote

5. Keep a journal

This practice is extremely powerful at unlocking the subconscious mind. You can start with one sentence, then two. Then a whole page. Let yourself free flow onto the page what is in your mind and on your heart. All the unspoken words you hold can find a place in your journal and you will heal by letting them out.

6. Take time for yourself

Let yourself be. Stop doing. Just for a bit. The world won’t fall apart. Make a cup of tea. Read a book. Get a massage. Whatever feels good to you, go do that.

7. Get outside | Life Changing Tips

Getting out into nature is one of the greatest, simplest and most accessible ways to immediately boost your happiness. In one scientific study, taking a walk in nature reduced depression in 71% of participants.

8. Go to bed early

Get off your phone. Go to bed. Even if you don’t sleep straight away, stay off the screen and read a book. Science has proven that our productivity and happiness is linked to how much quality sleep we get. So if you are feeling a little low, get thee to bed!

12 Life Changing Tips for Happiness and Productivity A good sleep is a great investment  for the coming day. quote rest wellness self-care

9. Help others

Lifting a hand to help another is a brilliant way to boost your own personal happiness. Volunteer your time to be of service to the world. There is no worthier cause

10. Create systems | Life Changing Tips

If you aren’t feeling productive you might need to reevaluate the way you are working. Systemise your home life- washing up, laundry, cooking, and do the same for your work life.

11. Create a community

No one can do everything alone. As much as we might like to think we can! Allow yourself to develop friendships and build a community that will be there for you in the good times and the bad.

12. Allow yourself to dream

When we are children we use our imagination all the time, but as adults, we tend to lose that sense of exploration. Take the time to focus on what your goals are. Visualize them, be specific and allow yourself to really savour what it feels like to have those things you dream of.

Maintaining your mood and finding ways to manage your emotional state is key to being productive. We won’t always feel good or find getting things done easy, but with these tips, you will find it much easier!



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