This Powerful Morning Process Will Change Your Life – PRE PAVE with INTENTION

It’s a mix of gratitude and intention… and it is SO POWERFUL. Give it a try.

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Transcript – This Powerful Morning Process Will Change Your Life – PRE PAVE with INTENTION – (Motivational Speech)

The most important time… is the time you give to yourself.

And the most important time to do that is first thing in the morning…
 Because in the morning you set the intention for the rest of your day.

If you jump out of bed late, rushed, stressed, and in your head – that is what you are pre- paving for the rest of your day, and, in the case of most people… the rest of your life:
 More rush.
More stress.
 Less living the quality life you deserve.

The key is to get up early enough to allow yourself some time alone. Time to get clear about how you want to feel this day.

Time for intention.
 Time to get in the energy space of gratitude.
 Time for meditation.
It’s about pre-paving what you want for this day, and your LIFE.

Setting a clear intention and energy, so you attract those things into your experience.

Set the intention for what you want out of the day ahead and get grateful in advance.

This will make sure that you are an energy match to it, and it will soon be in your experience as you are setting the intention for it to be so.

Just go on a rampage of gratitude, of intention and appreciation…
 It might go something like this:

I am grateful today for every moment of calm, every moment of peace, every moment of real connection.

I am grateful for amazing conversations, grateful for every laugh and smile today.
I am grateful for every moment of happiness, especially when I can give that moment to someone else.

I am grateful for every hug. Every kiss. Every moment of real love.
I am grateful for every moment of true presence. When I really feel more connected to everyone and everything around me.

As I am writing these words I am really feeling each moment as if it is really happening, that is perhaps the most important part… The feeling of it.

Putting yourself in that feeling state as if it is really happening. Raising your vibration to that feeling.

Now what that is doing is setting the intention for the day… putting those amazing things in your conscious mind – and so your attention for this day is going to be zeroed in on trying to find and make those things a reality.

This is such a powerful process.

Everything in life is energy. How you show up each day is energy. Your energy is determined by your intention and how you feel.

So make it a priority to feel good.
 Make it a priority to give yourself time every morning.

Time to meditate, release stress and increase calm.
 Time in gratitude and pre-paving intention to get in the right energy.

Use whatever words feel natural to you when setting your gratitude intention. Whatever you are really grateful for, and whatever you want to show up in your experience as a FEELING.

Not things.

Go as long as you like, let all that positive energy flow. See and feel yourself living that.

Then, act on it.
Give the first person you see that energy. The calm you wanted, the smiles, the joy, the hug.

Do this daily…
 Your life, will never be the same.

prepave with intention

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