6 Irresistible Reasons Why Yoga is Good For You

The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

Yoga is a great way to enhance your well being on every well. It helps you regulate your emotions, have a sharp mind, and become physically healthy. Yoga is known for healing many serious health ailments such as depression, heart disease, breast cancer, chronic back pain, and so on.

Here are the six reasons why yoga is good for you:

1. It Keeps You Calm And Anchored in the Present

Yoga activates the brain’s parasympathetic response which helps curb the fight or flight response. In hunter-gatherer times, our fight or flight mechanism was  necessary to fight life threatening situations. But today we live in a different world with  ever-so-endless demands and deadlines we have to meet, it can be a barrier to mental peace.

After all, not every demand and deadline is actual danger. But our primal brain treats it as such. Therefore, yoga can help our emotions flow and help us respond to situations with a balanced mind. It helps us enjoy the present moment to the fullest. Complete relaxation is the reason why yoga is good for you.

2. It Strengthens Your Sense of Self

Yoga nourishes our relationship with ourselves. How? We get to know ourselves better on an intuitive level. It increases our self-confidence as the core message it instills in our mind is that, “I’m worth this nourishment, this me time”.

We become more connected to the source and it strengthens our faith in ourselves. Therefore, if you want to know yourself better and feel more comfortable in your own skin, yoga is a great tool for that. This increased self-confidence is another reason why yoga is good for you.

3. It Deepens Your Relationships

When you have a strong relationship with yourself, it naturally strengthens your relationship with others.

You become more receptive, compassionate, joyful, and radiate unconditional love. Since you live every moment, others recognize this quality and you draw positive people into your life.

Why Yoga Is Good For You

4. It Helps You Embrace Your Shadow

To evolve to the highest level, we need to embrace our shadow and integrate it into our being. Our shadow is the part in ourselves that we don’t want to show to the world, to our social circle.

If you become more aware of your body, you’ll realize that you hold tension in certain areas of your body. This is your shadow energy and yoga helps balance this energy flow.

Yoga experts say that when you practice yoga poses to release such energy blocks, there’s often an emotional release afterwards. We should learn to embrace our darkness and this is why yoga is good for you.

5. It Helps You Sleep Better

Yoga not only helps you get healthy sleep, it also helps with insomnia. There are three yoga poses you can do before bed to get into a deep sleep.

Legs Up The Wall: Lie on the floor on your back and lift your legs up against the wall, keeping them straight. Hold this L-shaped pose for thirty seconds and focus on deep breathing.

Lying Butterfly: Lie on your back and join your feet at the bottom, your heels joined together and knees extending on the sides. If this strains your legs, put a pillow under each knee.

Corpse Pose: Lie on your back with your arms on the sides with palms facing the ceiling and legs straight. Take slow breaths and focus on each inhale and exhale.

6. It Builds Physical and Mental Strength

You might be surprised to know that yoga not only builds emotional and mental strength, but also physical strength. Many of the yoga postures require you to work with your body weight and strengthen your core. It’s a great way to add some variety to your workout routine.

So, hit the mat and see your health improving every day!