5 Law of Attraction Mistakes People Make

Law of attraction has been a popular topic for a while now. But few people know how to use it. In fact, if we have such a powerful tool in our hands, then why aren’t all people successful and fulfilled?

The answer is they aren’t doing it right. It’s not as simple as “ask, believe, receive” – the three words form the core of the attraction ritual, but they are also very elusive.

Here are the five law of attraction mistakes you need to avoid to finally manifest your desires:

1. They Change Their Mind

You need to get really clear about what it is you want to manifest. If you wish about different things on different days, the universe gets the message that you aren’t really serious about manifesting any of them.

Focus on a single, pressing desire that you have and visualize it happening every single day. That’s the right way to use the law of attraction.

law of attraction

2. They Don’t Feel Grateful For The Present

If you can’t feel grateful for what you have right now, you will manifest that lack into the future. Think of your current energy as the vibrations going from you into the universe. If you send negative, you receive negative.

Now sending positive vibes may sound hard to control. After all, you cannot control all of your thoughts. But there’s an easy solution. Just practice this simple ritual – thank the universe for any three things you feel grateful for.

Once you focus on the good, the better will come your way!

3. They Don’t Take Action

Law of attraction mistake is that people visualize and get lost in the beauty of their dreams but don’t put in any effort. You have to actively pursue your goals and intentions.

The universe can only bring you resources along the way, but realize that the vision is inside you and you have to become one with it through persistent effort.

Action happens in two ways. First, act like you’ve gotten the results already. Dress as if you’re already successful, work as hard as a millionaire (most millionaires are self-made, surprising?), educate yourself on the things millionaires do and try to do them yourself. The idea is to feel like you’re already there.

Second, you need to take focused action. If you want a relationship, join a meetup group, start talking to people at coffee shops or classes that you take. As soon as you act on one idea, the universe will bring to you another one, bringing you closer to your end goal with each step.

Law Of Attraction

4. They Don’t Believe It

Whatever you want, feel it coming in your life. Literally, until you “feel” it coming, the law of attraction won’t work.

So what to do? Well, one, you have to really want it deep into your heart. Second, you have to visualize every day, very vividly. And third, you have to act upon the creative ideas you get to achieve your goals.

If you don’t feel it will come, change your desire to something which you feel will manifest soon. This desire can be the stepping stone to the original desire you couldn’t feel.

For example, if you wanted to become the CEO of your company, but you don’t feel qualified. Then, perhaps you can visualize about becoming the manager of your department first or visualize getting the right training.

5. They Aren’t Consistent

If you are serious about your desires, you better practice affirmations, visualizations, and other law of attraction rituals every day. What we focus on becomes real, so you need to focus on what you want every single day.

Every day practice programs your subconscious mind and gives you the tools you need to manifest what you want. Remember that most of your life is controlled by the subconscious. Therefore, you need to program it every day.



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