The Law of Attraction is a rule of the universe which states that like attracts like. Although this is correct, many people leave out a key element when they put the Law of Attraction to use… it’s a huge Law of Attraction mistake that costs them greatly.

Many people believe that if they are in a positive mind state, then what they desire will automatically and easily come to them. This is mostly true. The universe is definitely ready to let you have what you want if you are ready to receive it. However, the power of the law of attraction resides within you.

If you would like to attract something into your life, you must take action that will lead you towards your vision.

Living Your Mantras + Affirmations | Law of Attraction Mistake

To attract the things you want, you must put in the work required to change your life. The abundant universe will gift you with what you desire, but only if you are in the proper vibration for it. This is more than just reciting affirmations and mantras every day. Yes, saying your mantras will elevate your vibration… until you stub your toe or your toddler starts throwing his food. Then, the affirmations you said that morning are not so effective. If you find yourself in a negative mind state, then first recite you mantras and really feel them.

Think of what it would be like to live your affirmations. What actions would you take if you were, “so loved and appreciated”? You would probably be very kind and empathetic towards others. The person who loves others gets great love in return.

What sort of life would you live if you were, “sexy, strong, and confident”? You wouldn’t be sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips. You would be at the gym, taking care of your body, and eating clean. The person who is taking care of themselves is going to attract a sexy, strong, and confident feeling.

Really using your affirmations means that you are living your mantras, not just saying them. You have to be doing the actions that will attract the thing you want. It all starts with you.

Are You Making THIS Law of Attraction Mistake? law of attraction thought become things Abraham hicks vision attraction attracting money wealth abundance Every action and feeling is preceeded  by a thought.

Aligning Your Actions with Your Desires | Law of Attraction Mistake

Another facet to this topic is that if you are not living your affirmations, you may not believe them when you say them. That is a whole other problem that could be messing with your attractive power. If you are saying this mantra: “I am wealthy”, then you go out and carelessly spend money, that action diminishes your belief in the mantra. The next time you go to say the mantra, you will feel the opposite of wealthy. You really won’t be able to feel into your mantra strongly if you are not living your life with actions that are in line with it.

The key to attracting what you want is not to SAY what you want, but to feel it, as mentioned in this amazing speech by Abraham Hicks:

Meeting the Universe Halfway | Law of Attraction Mistake

By really feeling into your mantra and elevating your lifestyle, you can attract the things you want. The universe is ready to grant you with abundance, wealth, anything you can imagine. You just have to take the necessary steps towards building the life of your dreams.

You must take the actions that show the universe that you’re ready for your gifts. Also be ready to act on synchronicity and opportunity that will advance your life to the next level.

Are you ready?




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