This Is How Powerful Your Words Are – Be Careful What You Speak Into Your Life

Your Words Matter!

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Speaker: Tyrone Stokes

Transcript – This Is How Powerful Your Words Are – Be Careful What You Speak Into Your Life (Motivational Speech)

Words matter. Your words, mixed with your beliefs, blend to become your reality.

What you speak over your life is what your life will become.

If you’re always talking about how you’re ‘stuck’ where you are…
how you can’t find a way out of the situation you’re in…
how you never get any luck…
how you’ll never be wealthy… well, you’re right.

You’ll never have those things if that’s what you say, and that’s what you believe.

If you don’t believe it, you won’t even try to get it.

Every time you speak negative over your life, your life gets a little more negative… Every time you speak strength into your life your life gets a little stronger.

Every time you speak something over yourself, that belief grows stronger in your life.

 Soon it becomes who you are.

Words matter. So be very careful with your words.

You must speak your dreams into existence. And more than just speaking them, you must BELIEVE and TRUST those blessings are coming.

Instead of saying: “I don’t know how to do it”…
Say: “I am committed to LEARN how to do it”

Instead of saying:
“I always procrastinate and never get anything done”…
“I am going to find something that matters to me more than anything, and then I am going to get the job done!”

Instead of saying:
“I’m a failure”…
 Say: “I’ve failed… I’ve learned the lesson and WHEN I become a huge success that failure is going to make for one hell of a story.”

Instead of saying: 
“My best days are behind me”
say: “My best is yet to come!”

Instead of believing others are born lucky or with special gifts – KNOW that you are capable of anything.

 Know that you can study and commit to learn from great people… 
know that you can become a great person in your own right.

Every day, look yourself in the mirror and say:

I am a great person.
I am a kind person.
I am strong.
I am capable of anything.
I am growing more each day.
I am committed.
I am determined.
I have no limits.
I can have the health and the body of my choice.
I WILL HAVE the health and the body of my choice.
I can have the wealth of my choice.
I WILL HAVE the wealth of my choice.
I do deserve abundance.
I am worthy.
I am more than worthy.
I can make a huge difference in others’ lives.
I WILL make that difference.

Gandhi said: “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”

When you start blending your beliefs and your words together, they become so powerful you can move mountains. You are the creator of your destiny, and it starts with the words you speak into your life.

Speak positive things into your life, strong things, speak love and happiness into your life and you’ll notice more love and happiness.

Speak good of others and you’ll see more good. Speak your dreams into existence. Believe your dreams will become reality. Act and live as though they are and they soon will be.

Muhammad Ali said he would be the greatest… and he became they greatest. He had no doubt in his mind. That is the same level of certainty you should speak about your dreams.

I am healthy.
I am wealthy.
I am wise.
Opportunities are everywhere.
Money flows with ease.
Joy is everywhere.
I am attracting such amazing people into my life.
I am blessed.
I am surrounded by blessings.
I have more than enough.
I am full of energy.
I am strong.
I am fit.
I am such a positive influence to those around me.
I have amazing friends.
I am abundant.
I am constantly growing my income.
I am constantly growing myself.
I am constantly getting a healthier, stronger, fitter.
My relationships are getting stronger every day. Love, and joy every day.

Sticks and stones may break your bones. But your words… they are more powerful… they can shatter your dreams.

Your beliefs thoughts and words will, I guarantee you… determine your destiny. Whatever you believe is your limit, is your limit.

Daily affirmations are helpful because they reprogram your mind, your thoughts and beliefs.

Some of the most successful people on earth practice daily affirmations. If you’re doing it consistently – every single day, in the morning before you start your day… you will begin to develop new beliefs and your life will start to change before your eyes.

If it’s not natural at first, if you feel like the words aren’t believable… stick with it. The goal is to FEEL as though you already have the things you want. As you speak the words FEEL as though you already are that person.

Whatever words work for you. Write them down, your own affirmation… And read them every day. That’s the key. Repetition. And FEELING the words. If they get old, freshen them up to something more powerful and meaningful.

Your beliefs thoughts and words will, I guarantee you... determine your destiny. Whatever you believe is your limit, is your limit. Click to Tweet



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