Thank You – Inspirational Video on the power of Gratitude

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Thank you – 2 of the most powerful words in the english language. When you are grateful and give thanks for what IS GREAT in your life, for what you DO have, you attract more great things into your life. At worst, you just FEEL GOOD, right away, and at the end of the day, that is really what we are all searching for.

Lyrics & Music Copyright: Fearless Motivation & Fearless Soul
Speaker: Terry Kellman

Thank you - 2 of the most powerful words in the english language #FearlessSoul
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Lyrics – Thank You – Inspirational Speech on the power of gratitude.

Thank you

Thank you for this day
Thank you for every moment that led to this day
Thank you for the hard times. They made me appreciate the good times
Thank you for the lessons. They were needed for my development.
Thank you for my eyes that get to witness the miracles of today and tomorrow
Thank you for everything i take for granted
Thank you for all my blessings
Thank you for my drive
Thank you for my spirit
Thank you for my strength
Thank you for giving me the courage to fight through the hard times
Thank you for the people in my life.
Those i love and those i learn from
Thank you for it all.
Thank you

The key that opens the door to instant happiness
Unlocks the door to everything we are really seeking in life. Happiness and contentment.

Think about it
No matter what you say you want
Money, Riches, Health, To help others
Why do you really want it?
When you drill deep down,
The only reason anyone wants any THING, is the feeling WE BELIEVE we will get from having it.

That all boils down to happiness and contentment
And the truth is we can have it now IF WE ARE GRATEFUL.

And if you get quiet
Get away from the noise of the world
And think for a moment about what you could be grateful for, I’m sure you could find plenty.
Be grateful there is food on the table

Get grateful that you have opportunity
Opportunity to take your life to a whole-nother level.
To decide RIGHT NOW. That you are going to live your dreams and never settle until you do.

Get grateful for the mental strength you have been given to survive the hard times.

Get grateful for your limbs if you have them, many are not so blessed, 
your eye sight of you have it, many are not so blessed, 
your hearing if you have it many are not so blessed, 
the health you DO HAVE, many are in worse positions.

Get grateful for that one person that has had an impact in your life, or many people if you are so blessed.

Then get grateful you CAN CHOOSE to be that person for someone else, that one that makes a difference in someone else’s life, no matter how small.
Get grateful you get to experience this magical universe

Today look for miracles, I guarantee if you are looking you will see them.

There is unlimited things to be grateful for
Open your eyes
Unlock your amazing life
It’s ready this instant

The key that opens the door to instant happiness: Gratitude. Click to Tweet

There is unlimited things to be grateful for. Open your eyes. Unlock your amazing life Click to Tweet