The old proverb about silence is more meaningful than originally interpreted. Quieting your speech, actions and surroundings does more than prevent you from looking unintelligent. Studies prove silence actually makes you smarter. Let’s look into what led to these discoveries and why it makes sense.

As society grows noisier, people seek refuge in silent spaces

With the growth of populations and technology, it’s more of a challenge to escape the noise at your convenience. Moments of quiet have become a valuable resource. Silence is something people will now pay top dollar for, and the country of Finland has proved it.

According To Science, Silence Rewires Your Brain To Make You More Intelligent quiet meditation solitude quote Silence is an ocean. Speech is a river.

The “Silence, Please” Strategy |  Silence Rewires Your Brain

During a group study in Finland, marketers decided to take a calculated chance at using the quiet attributes of their geographic area to draw tourists. The strategy went against the grain of the noise—music, bright lights, busy streets and late nights—large cities offer. It turned out to be a hit, and led to the gathering of information about how silence impacts the brain.

Several studies have revealed that silence or an abrupt end to noise stimulates positive activity within the brain.

Most of these discoveries took place by accident while trying to prove the positive or negative affects of noise such as music or familiar sounds. One of the most impressive factors is that a couple of hours of continued silence can produce new brain cells in the area connected to memory.

Silence does the body (and brain) good | Silence Rewires Your Brain

Our bodies are naturally wired to crave rest and relaxation after high mental stimulation or intense physical activity. This rest and recharge ritual boosts strength and wellness, but the thought process benefits your brain. When you sit quietly, it reprograms your brain to improve your intelligence.

The healing benefits run deep. Conditions like dementia and depression are linked to a decline in cell production in the memory portion of the brain. This opens doors for more research on a connection between silence and treatment for mental illness.

According To Science, Silence Rewires Your Brain To Make You More Intelligent To hear, one must be silent.

Silence triggers self-reflection | Silence Rewires Your Brain

Ultimately, we can only achieve silence externally. Our inner wheels are always turning, producing new thoughts and ideas. Even the silent treatment speaks volumes. Aside from expressing displeasure, it forces all parties involved to think about the issues at hand.

A habit of internal silence results in positivity and improves the quality of that inner noise that is our thoughts. Preventing outside noise and distractions eliminates what is demanding your attention and setting the path for your thoughts. Without external focal points, self reflection is almost inevitable.

The brain reacts more to silence than noise | Silence Rewires Your Brain

For years, we have heard the advice to watch less television and read more books. Absorbing the wrong energy will create negative consequences. Now, science is revealing it may have more to do with the differences in how the brain responds to noise and silence.

According to science, one thing that can increase your intelligence is doing nothing.

This is not to say you should curl up in a ball and hide under a rock. Exploration and relationships are keys to opening your mind. At the same time, you should to take moments to be still.

If you feel the urge to have some quiet time. Listen to your body. Even on days of continuous hustle and bustle. You should take time at lunch and before bed to keep silent. It’s for the sake of your present and future brainpower – and mental health. This may be a practice you have been subconsciously doing all along. If not, now is the time to start.



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