Start every morning strong, so every day is strong… because when every day is strong, your entire LIFE becomes strong.

These Morning Habits Will Transform Your Mindset & Quality of Life

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Transcript – These Morning Habits Will Transform Your Mindset & Quality of Life (Inspiring Speech)

If you start your day with a genuine “THANK YOU”… you’ll most likely end your day with many more things to say “THANK YOU” for.

Almost everything you do from the moment you wake up is habit. Habits formed from your past. Habits formed, by your consistent application – good or bad.

What habits do you want to create? And what habits do you need to ELIMINATE?

What habits will lead you to create a better life? What habits will lead to your BEST LIFE?

Here’s some common morning habits of the most successful, and most fulfilled people in the world: Exercise. Gratitude. Journaling. Meditation. Cold showers. Correct nutrition. Breathing exercises.

It all comes down to self-discipline. It’s easier to pick up your phone and scroll social media. But is that going to lead you to happiness? Probably not.

It’s much harder initially to practice self-discipline… but that is what leads to an easier life in the long term.

How do you want to feel? If you want to feel great, if you want to feel happy and positive… do the things that happy and positive people do.
Practice deep gratitude.
Affirmations… whatever works for you. Do it daily and create the habit of positive action. It will not take long before your quality of life starts to improve.

There’s a common misconception that habits are formed in only 21 days. But science shows the number is more like a minimum of 66 days to form lasting, or life- long habits.

Are you willing to commit a minimum of 66 days, in order to change your quality of life FOREVER? Sounds like pretty fair math to me.

Think forward to 1 year, 5 years in the future… How do you want to be living?
 Would the consistent emotions you currently experience be acceptable to you if they remained the same?

Or is there better waiting for you? Are you committed to do that daily work?

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization, around 121 million worldwide people suffer from depression. Shockingly, the percentage of depression is highest among high income countries like the USA, France and Australia.

The truth is, the quality of our lives is not determined by where we live, how much money we earn, or even the events and circumstances of our life.

The quality of our lives, is merely the quality of our perspective.

The quality of our lives, is determined by the quality of our perspective. How we see the world IS OUR WORLD.
 Whatever we choose to see, will shape who we will be.

Whatever you choose to do, consistently, will shape how you feel, and how you feel, of course will determine the quality of your life.

morning habits

It makes sense then, to choose positive habits every morning that will ensure you are in a better mindset throughout the day. A mindset capable of responding positively to challenging people and challenging events. A mind state that can react calmly, with presence and peace to all situations.

Start your day feeling blessed, feeling blessed by thinking about all the things that ARE GREAT in your life.

Start your day in PEACE. Really feeling that peace and calm, by practicing meditation.

Start your day with purpose. Purpose from writing and reviewing your GOALS and MISSION for the day, and your life.

Start your day strong by getting in some exercise.

Start your day with positive habits that WILL… ABSOLUTELY create a POSITIVE MIND… and of course a positive life.

“Thank you for this new day.
Thank you for every opportunity today to experience LOVE… to experience closeness… thank you for every HUG… every smile… thank you for connection, for happiness, for true joy, for lightheartedness, for playfulness… for peace.
Thank you for every opportunity to be a positive influence today.
Thank you for every opportunity to smile, to laugh, to be free from judgement and be my true self today.
Thank you for these clear moments of higher connection, presence and alignment.
Thank you for joy. Thank you for inner peace. Thank you for needing nothing. Thank you for ease. Thank you for humility.
Thank you for connection. Easy connection. Lightness. Love. Presence. God moments.
Thank you for abundance.
Thank you for positive powerful solutions. Thank you for guiding me.
Thank you for flowing through me. Thank you for blessing me!”

morning habits

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