Guided Meditation For Finding Your Purpose

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Track: “Finding Your Purpose” + Album: Guided Meditations For Abundance
Speaker: Jess Shepherd

Guided Meditation For Finding Your Purpose

Breathing deeply in and out…. Slowing down breathing in and out.

Taking your attention to between your eyebrows, breathing into your eyebrows.

Turning your attention around, becoming the observer becoming your inner being, the unseen part of you, your soul the true being that you are.

You are all knowing, you are source energy, you are magnificent.

Be your inner being and focus into your heart.

Ask it what is my purpose, what do I really want, what do I really love to do,

If anything and everything is possible, which it is, and your inner being completely knows this.

In this magnificent universe where anything and everything is possible and I have a choice, what would make me truly happy, what would I choose?

Let your heart feel your inner being, let it speak to you through your feelings in your heart.

What is your feeling, what would make you truly happy

Happiness would make you truly happy. Love would make you truly happy, joy, laughter, fun is happiness, feeling fulfilled because you are expressing your true
talents and gifts to the world or just to a few, is happiness.

Feel your heart speaking to you.

Become conscious of your feelings.

There is unlimited possibilities and potential. Everything that has lead you to this space is because there is a part of you who knows that it deserves to be happy.

This world is made for you to expand and to express your joy that is why we are here.
What is your joy?
Feel your inner being, your soul, who you really are, feel it talking to you through your heart.

The only limitations there are, are the ones you put on yourself. Become aware, become aware of what you really are. You are energy and everything around you is energy.

Through the law of attraction, you can create your life the way you want it.

It starts with you allowing yourself to feel. Follow your good feelings, what makes your inner being sing, what makes your heart feel happiness. What is your true purpose?

Everyone’s true purpose is to feel happiness, joy, love, everyone’s true purpose is to expand to allow these feelings in all the time, regardless of the circumstances.

Feel the love, the joy the happiness, just in being, in acknowledging your inner being.

This is where everything starts.

Inside out.

Feel the love and happiness that is within you all the time regardless of what is going on around you and know that the outside pictures will change the more you focus within.

Follow your good feelings in your heart, they are your indicator.

Breath deeply, in and out.