Stop Asking For Permission To Be Great – Motivational Speech by Lisa Nichols

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Transcript – Stop Asking For Permission To Be Great – Lisa Nichols:

I was hungry.
People often want to call me the exception. Like “Oh my god, you’re the exception”. No I’m not the exception. I’m an average ordinary woman who chose everyday to make
one more extraordinary decision.

I just was crazy enough to believe that. That it doesn’t matter the color of my skin, it doesn’t matter my religious background, it doesn’t matter my origin, it doesn’t matter my mom’s bank account, my dad’s bank account when I was born, none of that means my future. That’s just a circumstance that I came from. That’s not what defines my future.

I just believed that. Not a lot validated it, but faith is believing in the unseen anyway.
So I had enough faith to go “I know like I know like I know like I know. I don’t necessarily have to see it yet.”

Let me tell you, in order to have something different, you are going to have to do something different.
In order to have something more, you have to do something you haven’t done yet.

I had to say the things I didn’t wanna say, do the things I didn’t feel like doing to have the life I know I wanted. Period. Period!
And all I did was give instructions for a year. Do this bite size. Do this bite size. Do this bite size. Bite size digestible, palatable pieces of what you can do.

And when you look up you don’t have to have a magnificent change over 12 months. Have a small change over 30 days. And then a small change over 30 days.
Your breakthrough will come in needle point moments. And you’ll look up in 5 years and not recognize your life.

Refusing to listen to the negative chatter of my own head, Refusing to listen to other people’s perception of me,
Creating something from absolutely nothing… You know, there’s the books, there’s the tv, there’s… all that stuff… but my biggest accomplishment is being willing to give myself 1000 second chances. And every-time I got to 999, I pressed reset. I didn’t ask permission, I gave notice.

At some point I had to stop asking can I be great, can I be brilliant, can I be ok and still be accepted. I just stopped asking permission and just gave notice unapologetically.
Not in a braggadocious way. Not in a way that shrunk anyone else. In a way that said: I only got one life and I’m going to ride this one until the wheels fall off.

lisa nicholsAnd then all the stuff came as a result of a decision I made. It was a decision. And it didn’t come from a motivational experience. It didn’t come from an aspiring teacher. It came from hitting rock bottom.



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