We all want to live a happier life. For years, spiritual leader Sadhguru has been using his wit and wisdom to guide seekers to a greater level of inner bliss.

He has founded numerous Yoga centers around the world. A New York Times Bestselling author, and has helped establish environmental, educational and social programs for communities around the globe.

His down-to-earth advice on how to be happy employs a radical inner strategy aimed at bringing you into balance with your ultimate potential.

Own 100% of Your Power To Live A Happier Life

Sadhguru showcases how owning your own power means you must be uncompromising about the fact that every experience happens from within you.

How to Live Happily? – Sadhguru Answers

As Sadhguru points out, many people give away their power. Allowing negative situations that they didn’t want to see happen determine their inner reactive processes. The assumption is that, since they couldn’t control the outer circumstances (true), they somehow also can’t control their inner reaction to those circumstances (false). Owning your power means that you make a habit out of quickly and consistently applying a filter to how you will experience an outside event.

What is this filter made up of? The specific accessories of person’s each filter may vary a bit, but two of the core components that allow any good filter to work properly are deciding not to take anything personally and accepting where everyone is at on their journey.

Taking Nothing Personally

Other people’s reactions are based entirely on their perceptions of life, just as yours are. Their reality comes from their experiences, many of which probably had nothing to do with you. While you are responsible for being kind, compassionate, and honest. If you want to see those values reflected back and live a happier life. You must realize you aren’t responsible for other people’s opinions about you. Choosing not to personalize their opinion just means you’ll consider what they have to say without being ruled by it.

Accepting Where Everyone’s at on Their Journey

Since you don’t know where another person has been emotionally in their life, you also don’t know how far they’ve come. Everyone has their own path, and accepting where people are on theirs, allows you the time and energy to concentrate on yours. The decision not to fight what is, will not only help you live a happier life. This decision reduces the amount of outside drama that can seep in – and likewise the amount of your own power that can seep out. You are choosing to move forward with compassion rather than judgment.

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Become the Observer of Your Life

Sadghuru also mentions to create a distance between yourself and others so that you aren’t controlled by them. Yet, many of us have been taught that connecting with others is the key to increasing our joy and adding to the peace and harmony in the world.

So which is it?

Both are in fact correct, and there’s actually a technique custom-made to ensure that each strategy is employed in a way that helps boost your joy.

By becoming the observer of your life. You can watch for patterns of thoughts and feelings that tend to arise inside of you during different scenarios. For instance, you may love hanging out with your funniest friend to get a fresh perspective on a situation. Yet you may also notice that this same friend isn’t as supportive when it comes to deeper issues.

By being aware of your friendship’s strengths and limitations, you can grow your connection in a healthy way by asking for your friend’s advice on day-to-day issues. You can also appropriately distance yourself from them when it comes time to share deeper feelings. This helps you avoid any hurt emotions that might arise from feeling dismissed, while still enjoying a fun relationship that allows you to broaden your perspective.

By monitoring both your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis, it is much easier to connect with people in ways that reduce conflict and increase your bonds with them.

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