As Tony Robbins said, What you focus on is what you feel.

If you focus on all the negative in your life your mood will match your thoughts.

On the contrary, if you focus on positive things in your life, you can light up your life!

The problem is that our minds are wired for negativity.

Of the 40–70,000 thoughts per day 70% are negative according to Psychology Today.

You have to actively work to get out of a bad mood. If you are suffering, quite often it’s because you are focusing on the same negative thoughts repeatedly.

Here are three guaranteed ways to get out of a bad mood fast.

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1. Change Your Physiology | How to get out of a bad mood

If you change the way your body moves, your physiology, you can instantly change your mood.

If you’ve ever been to a Tony Robbins seminar you would of witness this phenomenon first hand. You are constantly moving, jumping, dancing, and changing the way your body moves.

Tony Robbins understands that physiology is the fastest way to break a pattern of thinking the same thing over and over again.

If you change your body, you can change your thoughts. If you change your thoughts, you can change your mood. And if you change your mood, you can change your life!

To change your physiology get to the gym, do some breathing exercises, take a brisk walk in the sun or take part in a sporting activity.

This will alter your physiology, allowing your mind a much greater ability to change your thoughts, breaking the cycle and have you feeling better instantly!

2. Write in a Gratitude Journal | How to get out of a bad mood

This sounds simple, do not discount it. This strategy is practiced by 1000’s of the worst most successful people. Try it with true heartand see for yourself.

As Neal Donald Walsh said, “The struggle ends when gratitude begins.

 It’s physically impossible to be angry and grateful at the same time.

Gratitude ends suffering instantly. The next time you’re angry, sad, anxious, frustrated or stressed focus on one thing you’re grateful for in your life. It could be your significant other, your dog, your friends, your parents or anything else.

Write it down in a gratitude journal, make a note on your phone, or leave a voice memo to yourself. According to Psychology Today, shifting your focus to something you love and appreciate will:

  1. Open the door to more relationships
  2. Improve your physical and psychological health
  3. Enhance empathy and reduces aggression
  4. Help you sleep better 
  5. Improve your self-esteem
  6. Increase your mental strength

Practicing gratitude on a regular basis will get to focus on the abundance in life, not the lack of that is bringing your negative thoughts (and suffering).

How to Get Out of a Bad Mood: 3 Ways to Break The Cycle Neal Donald Walsh + IAMFEARLESSSOUL.COM The struggle ends when gratitude begins.

3. What You Give You Get In Return | How to get out of a bad mood

As Tony Robbins said, “The secret to living is giving.”

It’s easy to forget how others live around the world. Less than 1% of people in the world earn over $100,000 annually. Yes, six-figures means you earn more than 99% of the 7 billion people in the world.

If you’re feeling down and sorry for yourself, go out and help someone else because there are plenty of people that are doing much worse than you. It’ll be a quick reminder how lucky you truly are.

Not only will volunteering help change your state but you will also help others in the process.

Ten years from now you’ll laugh at whatever’s stressing you out today. So why not laugh now?

Life is short…quit wasting time and make each day count. If you want to learn how to get out of a bad mood fast remember the big three ways.

Change your physiology, practice gratitude, and give back to those who are less fortunate. 



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