Having a solid morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day and plays a big role in determining how productive and successful you are each day. Successful people don’t get where they are on accident. Almost all successful people understand the importance of a good morning routine.

You know yourself best, so you can figure out what works for you. Chances are, your routine won’t look exactly like Oprah’s or Tony Robbins’ but learning about the routines of these successful people can inspire you to create and perfect your own. Following are the morning routines of some very successful people.

Morning Routines of Successful People – 4 Great Examples You Can Copy

1. Brendon Burchard | Morning Routines

You can develop a morning routine that leads you to greatness even if you’re not a morning person, like Brendon Burchard.

He splits his morning routine into three 20 minute segments. First, he drinks 20 ounces of water and stretches or moves his body in some way.

Then, he spends 20 minutes reading nonfiction- something that will enrich his life.

Finally, in his last 20 minutes he prepares his day. Brendon isn’t a huge fan of routine and discipline, but says that “discipline is the gateway to freedom.” When planning his day, he looks at what he has scheduled and figures out how he is going to execute his day to the best of his ability.

2. Tony Robbins | Morning Routines

Tony Robbins is a great role model to look up to when it comes to routine and discipline. He preaches the importance of working on yourself before you can be successful.

Tony does an exercise every morning which he calls “priming.” Some would consider this a form of meditation, but it consists of a few main components: clearing his mind and breathing, practicing gratitude, visualizing what his day will look like, and focusing on completing the problems that lie ahead of him.

If there is absolutely no time for anything else, completing this 10-minute priming exercise sets Tony up for success the rest of the day.

3. Oprah | Morning Routines

Oprah usually starts her day waking up to nature and walking her dogs (after she brushes her teeth, of course). She enjoys waking up and starting her day in nature. Starting her day with physical activity also helps increase her production and energy all day long.

Like many other successful people, Oprah also includes meditation in her morning routine. She then includes some personal spiritual work in her routine: with her 365 Gathered Truths Box and “Bowl of Saki” on her phone. After this, she does even more physical activity in the form of a more intense workout than her daily walk.

4. Deepak Chopra | Morning Routines

Deepak Chopra believes that morning is the time when you get a fresh start and you are primed and ready to accept the messages of nature. He uses morning as a time to turn inward and renew himself. On an ideal day, he would like to wake up without an alarm clock, drink a glass of warm water, brush his teeth, bathe, exercise, do yoga, meditate, eat breakfast, and take a walk.

Although it may seem like there is no time for a morning routine in a busy life, it’s quite obvious that a morning routine is part of the secret to the success of these influential people. Taking some time to create a morning routine that works for you can improve your life all day long and can actually give you extra time in your day, as you’ll likely become more productive and focused.