There’s lots of scientific evidence showing that everyday tools and techniques which are available to just about everyone can help to silence your stress, and in the process increase your levels of happiness, boost your physical health, and create a more peaceful, contented mindset.

Journal It Out | Silence Your Stress

Writing out feelings has been a part of  human culture for centuries. It’s now becoming clear why journaling is such a powerful way to release feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety. Journaling makes letting go of pent up emotions much easier because it triggers both sides of the brain to work together. Connecting the brains hemispheres streamlines your thoughts. This increased organization of ideas allows for better self-understanding. Self understanding is a great catalyst for finding creative solutions to your problems.

6 Scientifically Proven Ways To Silence Your Stress - For Free! Do not dwell in the past, Do not dream of the future, Concentrate the mind on the present moment. buddha quote fearless soul meditation journaling mindfulness peace oneness Dalai Lama holiness

Laugh Out Loud | Silence Your Stress

If you want to give your stress a double-dose of medicine, try hanging out with your funniest friend. A good guffaw not only lowers the hormones that trigger stress, but it also releases endorphins in the body that help you to feel good about life again.

Practice Mindful Eating | Silence Your Stress

You may have already heard that certain foods help reduce stress levels, but did you know that how you eat can also also have a real impact on your body’s internal signals? Simply finding a relaxing environment free from noisy distractions like TV or loud talking can aid with balancing hormones and digestion, which helps reduce the inflammation that is responsible for a whole host of unhealthy conditions.

Play Your Favorite Music | Silence Your Stress

One of the best ways to keep your stress levels down during mealtimes is to play some soothing tunes. Rhythmic beats have been shown to positively influence brainwave patterns by reducing anxiety and increasing focus. Songs played at 60 beats per minute help you relax the fastest because they copy your mind’s calm and conscious alpha waves. Mindlab International even did a study that found 10 songs which helped people de-stress the fastest.

 6 Scientifically Proven Ways To Silence Your Stress - For Free! Say thank you in advance for what’s already yours. Denzel Washington quote famous celebrity gratitude thanks peace attitude grateful heartfelt

Engage with Gratitude | Silence Your Stress

“Say thank you in advance for what’s already yours.” – Denzel Washington

An attitude of gratitude has been shown to lower stress hormones by 23%! This means that a simple heartfelt ‘thank you’ is a quick way to turn your overwhelm into joy. Setting yourself down a path towards greater peace and prosperity.

Meditate for 5 Minutes | Silence Your Stress

Much like journaling, meditation help you to focus your thoughts and better control your emotional reactions. It decreases the “fight or flight” response in your body and increases gray matter in your brain to make it easier for you to regulate your anger, fear, worry, and other stress-inducing feelings.  Even 5 minutes a day can have positive long-term effects on your stress levels!

Use this inspiring 5-minute meditation by Australian energy therapist Jess Shepherd to de-stress using the quiet power of stillness.

Stillness – Learn How To De-Stress & Live In Presence




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