Jay Shetty is a former monk turned entrepreneur and personal development speaker. At 18 Jay met a monk who redefined what success meant for himself. Instead of wealth and fame, he chose a life of service, impact, and passion for serving others.

After graduating college he left behind his family, friends, and previous life to become a monk. He practiced meditation for hours and traveled the world helping others. His positive message was so well received that his teacher instructed him to leave monk life behind and share his vision with the world.

At only 30 years old he’s become a top voice in the personal development world and his videos have been viewed over one billion times. His practices are simple but the results are incredible. Even though he’s only 30 years old Jay Shetty has tons of wisdom on gratitude, meditation, and other life-changing habits.

Here are five Jay Shetty quotes to help transform your life:

“Being positive doesn’t mean you don’t ever have negative thoughts. It just means you don’t let those thoughts control your life.” — Jay Shetty Quotes

Your thoughts manifest your reality. While you might have disappointments, failures, and setbacks choose to focus on the positive side of life. The more positive and optimistic you are the more joy you will experience in the world.  

“Never forget the people who take time out of their day to check up on you.” — Jay Shetty Quotes

It’s easy to take things for granted when you are around them all the time. It could be your family, pet or friends. The majority of relationships are transactional in life but very few are actually transformative. These relationships are the people who stand by your side no matter what. They’ll help you through the tough times and also help celebrate victories together.  

“A monk is simply a traveler, except the journey is inwards.” — Jay Shetty Quotes

Channel your own inner monk and find out how you are really doing. Use meditation and quiet time for self-reflection. In such a busy world it’s easy to always look to the future and focus on others but never forget to focus on yourself. If you want to change the world, start by changing yourself. Once you become your best version it will shine on your outer world. 

5 Jay Shetty Quotes to Help You Be More Grateful Quote a monk is simply a traveller except the journey is inwards

“When nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments you, then compliment yourself.” – Jay Shetty Quotes

Don’t allow yourself to always need the validation of others. It’s not up to others to constantly keep you encouraged, it’s up to you. Start each day with positive affirmations about yourself and your abilities. Cultivate the belief in yourself and your abilities to achieve greatness.

“We are meant to love people and use things but today we use people and love things.” — Jay Shetty Quotes

With technology and the ease of buying things online, it’s easy to forget that material goods are just things. They can be taken as quickly as they are bought. But real relationships with amazing people can last a lifetime. Choose to put down your phone and be present with your loved ones. They will appreciate it and you will create a much stronger bond with the people who matter most.

Use these Jay Shetty quotes to appreciate life and love yourself. Practice gratitude and work hard on the relationships that matter most in your life. You will experience more bliss and joy than you could imagine.