If Someone Broke Your Heart – WATCH THIS | by Jay Shetty

Breakups can blindside us, and leave us questioning our own judgment and ability to attract the kind of love that lasts. To go from being in love one moment, to being left out in the cold the next can bring up a lot of tough feelings. Many people begin to wonder if they are somehow ‘not enough’, or if love is just some made up idea that doesn’t actually exist.

When someone doesn’t love you like you love them, it doesn’t mean you aren’t worth loving or that love isn’t real. Take a look at why it actually means that the exact opposite is true.

Love Takes Courage | After A Breakup

Truly loving someone means having the courage to be vulnerable. It’s means taking a risk so that you can reap the reward of lasting love. Love asks you to be fearless, and to give of yourself with no guarantees of a return on investment. That’s why truly loving another person is an act of bravery, and it indicates that you are walking the warrior’s path.

Some People Speak the Language of Limitations, Not Love | After A Breakup

The warrior’s path is a road that not everyone is yet willing or able to take. When people are still filled with their own hurt, are misguided, or are drawn to a selfish way of living, they are not going to have the capacity to love without limits. That’s because all pain, false judgment, and selfishness operate on the level of fear. Fear tells people all the reasons why they CAN’T have something. Anyone who is tuned into fear as their guiding force will therefore believe that they can’t really have true love.

That’s why people with ‘fear blocks’ may have a strong desire to love you on a conscious level, but subconsciously they are contending with their own inner limiting beliefs. So you end up getting mixed signals from them that can leave you feeling confused and heartbroken. Until they are willing to work on releasing their blocks to love, they are not going to be able to love you like you deserve to be loved.

Know That You ARE Worth Loving | After A Breakup

Knowing that you’re worth loving isn’t just a statement; it is also a practice. This practice entails taking the time to include gentle and affirming self-care into your daily routine. Breakups shake your self-esteem and leave you questioning your worth. That’s why adding an extra dose of self-love is so needed at this time – so that you can remind yourself to hold onto your true joy by focusing on what makes you uniquely beautiful and divine.

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