Dandapani is a former monk of ten years who has transitioned into a personal development speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. After earning a degree in electrical engineering he gave it all up to become a Hindu Monk and serve under a renown spiritual guru, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Once his vows expired he re-entered society and has made it his life’s mission to share his learnings with the world. He now teaches companies and individuals around in the world in workshops and retreats.

Here are 8 Dandapani quotes to help you develop your inner belief:

“Treat energy the same way you treat money. It’s a finite resource that needs to be wisely managed and invested.” — Dandapani

Humans only have so much energy. You can always make more money but energy is not the same. Spend your energy on people you love to be with doing things that make you feel revitalized. Don’t waste your time with people or activities that don’t bring you joy.

8 Insanely Helpful Dandapani Quotes that will Change Your Life

“Your subconscious can be your greatest barrier or your greatest ally. You must choose what you want it to be. Then work to mold it to be one of these.” — Dandapani

Your subconscious is responsible for over 90% of all decisions in your life. While a lot of your subconscious beliefs are ingrained at an early age you can reshape your beliefs. With positive self-talk and creative visualization, you can train your subconscious to be your greatest ally and create the future you deserve.

“Emotions are a powerful tool. Controlled and directed they can manifest amazing things. Uncontrolled they can wreak havoc on your life.” — Dandapani

Your emotions will dictate how you feel an overwhelming majority of the day. Learn how to control your emotions with a morning routine and regular meditation to control your feelings. Once channeled, your emotions can help you accomplish amazing feats.

“Friendships are not light switches that you flick on and off when it is convenient for you or when you need it to serve you.” — Dandapani

True friendship is consistent and not based on the needs of one person. Cherish the great friends in your life and strive to be the best friend anyone can have. The easiest way to experience happiness is to listen and help someone else.

“What excuse do I have not to be kind? None at all.” — Dandapani

Always choose kindness no matter what type of day you had or mood you are in. The Universe will reward your generosity.

“Things get more complicated as awareness goes further out into the conscious mind. Simplicity is part of the superconscious mind.” — Dandapani

How can you make your life simpler? As a former monk Dandapani talks in depth about the sense of relief you get when you simplify life. Eliminate excess in your home, old friends that may not benefit you and negative self talk. Once your eliminate distraction you will experience increased awareness. 

“We need to look at our mind, body and emotions as tools. We own them. They don’t own us.” — Dandapani

Realize that once your mind and body are aligned you can achieve greatness. Remember, the mind controls the body, not the other way around. Use your God-given tools to manifest your ideal life.

“You have fear when you are not confident in your own personal powers of creation.” — Dandapani

Believe in yourself. Human beings can accomplish great feats once the belief is there. Challenge yourself to believe in your abilities and watch fear disappear.

Use these Dandapani quotes to change your emotions, start believing in yourself, and manifest your visualizations into your reality. 




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