What Is Higher Consciousness And How Can We Access It?

The term ‘Higher Consciousness’ is a little hard to define, and can even sound a bit far fetched and ‘woo-woo’ to those who are unfamiliar with it. However, despite it’s seemingly illusive nature, the concept of Higher Conscious is woven throughout most modern and indeed ancient spiritual texts and teachings. It sounds interesting, but what exactly is it?

higher consciousness

Compassion is the signature of Higher Consciousness. Non-violence is the tool to evolve into the Higher Consciousness. Amit Ray

When we speak of higher consciousness, what we are referring to is the activation of the part of our brain which we typically do not access, at least not for lengthy periods of time. For example, if you think of the term ‘animal instinct’ which refers to our primal base desires as humans, ‘Higher Consciousness’ is sort of the opposite of that.


When you operate from your higher consciousness you are working from outside of lower consciousness, also referred to as the ‘ego’. When we function from the ego, we tend to be more self involved and self focused as individuals. When we are working out of higher consciousness, we access the parts of our brain that make us more self aware, less selfish, and we display more empathy, compassion and kindness. We act from love rather than from fear.

higher consciousness

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. Lao Tzu

Why do we need Higher Consciousness?


In a fast paced world which can appear to be driven by ego and fuelled by technology, fame, material possessions and status; moments accessing the higher consciousness within us is necessary for balance both individually and collectively.


It is within this type of introspection that we gain insights into ourselves and indeed others that would perhaps have gone long unnoticed. When we actively seek to understand ourselves in this way, we are open to see the thoughts and belief systems that we have running in the background of our minds, which are allowing decisions and choices to be made unconsciously that perhaps don’t serve us.

higher consciousness

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein

It is certainly unrealistic to expect that anyone can run from their higher consciousness at all times, but it is something we can all endeavour to access throughout our day to day lives.


How can we access Higher Consciousness?

There are two very clear ways to access your higher consciousness- intention and stillness.

By setting the intention to access your this part of your brain, you are immediately creating the space for it to happen. Once you have the space and the intention, next you need stillness. In the beginning stages of this practice you do not need to sit for hours in meditation, you could try for 5 minutes at a time. Simply sit, breathe deeply and hold that intention of opening up a dialogue with your higher consciousness. Pay attention to what you see in your minds eye. Do not attempt to label anything, just be.


If you practice every day, you will start to notice that your access to your higher consciousness will sharpen more and more. Your instincts will become sharper, you may start to feel happier and more clear in your mind, you may even start to notice that your intuition around certain things is stronger than it was.


All of these things point to an open awareness and a genuine connection to your higher consciousness. A pretty great skill to have don’t you think?


Try it today and share your experience in the comments!


Article inspired by the above video from The School of Life. 



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