What Is The Ego And How Do We Move Beyond It?

We all carry an impostor within ourselves, a mind that is not our mind, carried with thoughts that are not our thoughts, with beliefs that are not our beliefs, it is a “Self” that is not “Our”-“Self”, it is an impostor self, the ego.

An impostor self with an impostor mind.

Realize right now that you are not your ego and your ego has never been you.

Create a distance, become aware of the space that is behind your mind and with no judgment look at the impostor that lives in and owns your mind.

Ego is nothing but a false sense of self.

Something that we are not, something that we have never been but that innocently we have created and believed ourselves to be.

At the moment of our birth and as part of playing this “physical” game, of dreaming this “reality” dream, we forgot who we are, we forgot our true nature and we believed that somehow we had been separated from our source.

We forget that we are God!

So seeing ourselves in a completely new and strange world, small babies in small bodies unable to take of our needs, we gave our power away.

We said to other people: “Take care of me because I can’t take care of myself”.

In that moment, we believed that the source of our survival, the source that would fulfill our needs was outside of ourselves, was in other people. Then we start thinking, believing, behaving, acting like other people told us to because we believe that they were the source of everything we need and the fountain of our survival.

As we grew up, we began each time more to see ourselves through the eyes of others, to behave in ways that would please other people so they can provide for us.

We grew up following the path of “pain vs pleasure”, punishment vs reward, “if I think and behave like the others want I will get the most benefit out of them”.

Believing that we were a mind trapped inside of a body living in a mean world that exists  outside of ourselves, independent of our free will. A small self separated from the source of creation, having the need to guarantee our survival/existence from other people, limiting ourselves in order to get less punishment and more reward.

Manipulating, controlling, protecting, hiding,… Infinite schemes to assure our survival and our safety.

Eckhart Tolle: Get away from the ego and into the present moment:

Welcome to the Ego! 😉

An impostor, pretending to be you but there is nothing like You. A false self, making you believe that you are powerless, worthless, feeding you fear and making you feel small with the false pretense of keeping you safe.

That false sense of who you are is the cause of all your “problems”, of all your “struggles”, of all your beliefs in lack.

That impostor self carries with it all the suffering that was cause upon it (not your suffering), all the pain that it felt (not your pain), all the false ideas about life and of what is possible for you to become.

Your ego separates you from the source of all love and abundance that you are.

The impostor can dress itself with many suits! “I am a victim”, “I am an abused child”, “I am miserable”, “I was betrayed”, “I was hurt”, “I am weak”, “I have no worth”, …

And with each one of those “suits”, it blinds your vision, your awareness of who you truly are and what is possible for you with tons of limiting beliefs.

The suit “I am a victim” automatically carries with it the personality, the point of view and for natural consequence the life of a victim.

“The world will for sure hurt me”, “I must play safe”, “I can’t do anything right”, “everyone is better than me”, “I am powerless, worthless and this is who I will forever be”.

Understand that all the problems, all the struggles, all the suffering, never happened to you!

Nothing ever happened to you, everything happened to your ego. The one who fears is not you is an impostor, the one who have the need for control, to manipulate, to struggle, to cry, to doubt, is not you, it is the impostor wearing its suits.

Any thought that you have ever had was not you that was thinking, the mind you are used to believe in, is not your true mind, it is the impostor’s mind.

Realize that you exist behind your ego, that its suits are not your suits, that they no longer serve and recognize the pureness that you always were and that you are, the pureness of your true self.

Your true self doesn’t think as the impostor thinks.

Your true self, the source of all creation, the source of infinite love, infinite abundance, wisdom, power, happiness, freedom, joy, that is in fact you, wears none of your ego’s suits.

Would you wear a prisoner suit and attach a heavy ball to your feet everyone morning because it would make you safe?

You made a contract with your ego and that contract no longer serves you.

“Make me safe!”

There is nothing to keep you safe from.

The only thing that exists in this universe is pure, unconditional and infinite love.

Everything that you see and that you can possible imagine is made out of your own energy, the energy of love and there is literally nothing out there to hurt you.

If you are seeing anything else than unconditional love, it is not you that is seeing, is the impostor.

If you are not feeling bliss, let go of your mind because it is not your true mind. It is the impostor’s mind, dressing and impostor’s suit … A suit so heavy that only allows you to crawl when you are meant to fly.

Every time you have a thought, it is not your thought, every time you think.

Every time you assume, it is not you that is assuming.

Every time you suffer, it is not you that is suffering.

Every time you look outside and believe that what you see is your life, forget it, it is not your true life.

Your true life and your true self is beyond anything that you can see. Far beyond all the concepts, definitions, beliefs and points of view.

Far away from a sense of a body, far beyond the thoughts in the mind and far transcendent of the perception of a world.

Where the worlds of forms ends, you begin!

Where there is no thought, when you can no longer perceive a mind, your true life begins.

Let go of all of the suits, find the one that wears no suits, that never wore any suit.

Who is the one who can see your mind?

Who is aware of the fact that you exist?

Who were there before you were born?

Who lives in the back of your mind?

Turn your attention 180º away from the world, away from the perception  of thoughts, definitions and concepts … Turn your attention away from the mind and see the one who is seeing.

Get to know, the one who knows. See what is in here and that never changes.

That is you! Instantaneous healing, endless bliss, infinite love … You.

That is your mind, God’s mind.

You are God, live a God’s life.



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