Intentions are GOALS mixed with PASSION. They are GOALS blended with powerful DESIRE.

When you set an INTENTION for a result you want in your life, and BELIEVE it will come about – you are sending a signal to the universe, a signal to your own subconscious mind that will ensure you are actively SEARCHING for ways to make that desire a REALITY in your life.

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When you have an INTENTION you are far more likely to achieve the results you want because you are actively searching for positive ways to make your intention true to you.

Think about it: Say you set the INTENTION in the morning to be more lighthearted and playful in the day – do you think it is more likely or less likely that you will be searching for and CREATING moments of fun, playfulness and joy throughout your day?

Can you then understand how, by setting many powerful INTENTIONS, every single day – these intentions can completely change your life?

Of course they can, because every single positive moment in your life carries a compound effect.

That little moment of fun and playfulness with your partner, friend or family – that leads to a stronger, closer relationship in the future. Which leads to better and better moments, stronger and stronger bonds, happier and happier times.

The INTENTION of patience and non judgement: that builds your strength in that area, and in the future when life provides you with great challenges your RESPONSE to those challenges affects your future in a much more positive way than if you didn’t practice that intention.

That positive response then provides a greater OUTCOME in your present moment which compounds into a more positive future.

power of intentions

In contrast imagine if you never have any INTENTIONS of strengthening your emotions, your mind, your peace, your results and happiness.

You are at the mercy of the circumstances that arrive in your life, not a place I would suggest staying.

If you are at the mercy of what life throws your way, your response to circumstance will be mostly negative.

Your response is that of a victim.

Responding with anger and stress.

Of course, these responses compound on each other as well, and of course affect your relationships, finances, happiness and peace in your future.

They affect your future in a negative way, because what you put out always comes back to you.

You can call it the law of attraction if you like, but really it is just common sense. How can you expect a happy, positive, loving life – if your reactions are always with stress, anger, frustration and resentment toward life.

You CAN change this and the best news is it only takes ONE MOMENT to make that decision,

Make that decision!

Decide to set powerful INTENTIONS every morning of your life:

Today it is my intention to be GRATEFUL for everything I DO have. To really FEEL deeply all the blessings in my life I take for granted AND to actively SEARCH for things throughout this day I can be grateful for.

Today it is my INTENTION to be patient at all times ESPECIALLY when I am challenged in the toughest of moments.

Today it is my intention to be PRESENT – especially when I feel like I have a lot “to do”

Today it is my INTENTION to be kind and compassionate towards others, to always put myself in others shoes and not judge anyone as I do not know their situation

Today it is my intention to be playful and lighthearted. To laugh more, to have more fun and not take life so seriously.

Today it is my intention to LOVE first. To put LOVE and those I love before all things ESPECIALLY material things and money.

Today it is my intention to BELIEVE in myself unconditionally. To know I AM CAPABLE of anything I set my mind to.

There are many ways you can set intentions.

You can do it as part of a mediation, as a prayer,

as an incantation or a command.

You can write it down, speak it aloud or speak it silently in your mind.

Do what is best for you, just make sure you do it.

It will change your life – if your INTENTION is to let it do so.

power of intentions

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