Within You Motivational Speech by Fearless Soul

Look within you and you will find everything you need. Everything you need for success, all the happiness you need, everything.
Stop looking to the outside world and to things out of your control to fulfil you, you will never be complete and always be searching.

Greatness is WITHIN YOU, but ONLY if you BELIEVE it to be true. Click to Tweet

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Speech & Music Copyright: Fearless Soul
Speakers: Josiah Ruff, Troy Hudson, Chris Ross

Transcript – Within You Motivational Speech by Fearless Soul

So many of you are looking for fulfilment where it can never be found
You are looking for fulfilment in things, possessions, money, recognition.

You’re looking for fulfilment in another person, praise from a parent, love from another person, a ‘well done’ from the world.

But here’s the problem: you can never find it outside of you.
It can only be found within you
All the happiness and joy you could ever hope for and more, it is within you now.

The truth is we don’t need all those other things to complete our life
We don’t need anything outside ourselves to be happy right now

Think back to a time in your life you didn’t have those things you seek but were still happy, perhaps when you were a child, perhaps not too long ago.
The reason why you were happy without those things is down to what you chose to FOCUS on
Your focus wasn’t on what was not there. It was on what WAS there, and happiness is always there, if you choose to focus on finding it.

We tend to always look for happiness outside ourselves, but we all know that it doesn’t come from there.
Whatever we perceive as reality becomes our reality.

If you listen to the world and the opinions of others you may well come to believe that happiness is only gained once you make money, or get that nice car, or that great house
Why do we want those things anyway?
Why do we want the car, the house, the money, that perfect person?

All of it without exception we want because we believe getting it will make us better. We believe it will make us feel better, make us feel happier

Don’t get dragged into the expectations of society. You don’t need this and that to be happy and complete.
What you need is always within you, it never goes away.
You are complete right now.

Look within you.
Feel the truth, that is, you can decide to be happy right now.

Find something to be grateful for
Choose to lift others up, give attention rather than seek it
Find your life’s purpose and set goals that light the spark within you
Believe in yourself. Believe you deserve it all. Believe your life has meaning.
There is nothing you can not accomplish when you are free from the burden of looking for things outside of yourself to fulfil you

Just KNOW you have the answers
Trust your intuition
Trust everything will be ok in the end
Everything will be GREAT in the end
Everything will be MAGICAL in the end

It’s called belief
It’s called faith
Faith in yourself
Belief in yourself

All the happiness and joy you could ever hope for and more, it is within you now Click to Tweet
Just KNOW you have the answers. Trust your intuition. Click to Tweet
It’s all WITHIN YOU. It’s called belief. It’s called faith #FearlessSoul Click to Tweet

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