5 Amazing Things You Get From Becoming Successful Nobody Talks About

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5 Amazing Things You Get From Becoming Successful Nobody Talks About
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Transcript – 5 Amazing Blessings You Get From Becoming Successful Nobody Talks About
 –  (Motivational Speech)

Success, in most areas of life, brings with it the obvious benefits: financial freedom, recognition, awards, accolades and sometimes admiration and respect from others…
however there are a few other things you can gain from beoming successful that are just as valuable, and not many people talk about.

Here are 5 amazing blessings you get after becoming successful no-one talks about:

NUMBER 1. The Ability To Give Back – By Teaching.

There’s no greater gift on earth than the gift of giving. Giving back, without expecting anything in return is truly one of the greatest pleasures in life.
When you reach a place in your life, where you are blessed enough to have achieved all your own goals…
 you are now in a position to receive now of life greatest rewards – that of giving back…

To be able to give your time and wisdom to those who want to achieve similar things – there are not many bigger blessings than that.

Give your wisdom and time freely and karma will always re- turn with interest.

“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” – Khalil Gibran

NUMBER 2. The Ability to Give Back – Financially.

With great success usually comes great financial wealth, and often far more than any reasonable human could spend on their own.
Many successful people are known to be great givers. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah… to name a few are all said to be extremely charitable when it comes to causes that matter to them.

The joy of making a difference in the lives of others… and the possibility of giving them a head start into a better life, is truly a great blessing.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

NUMBER 3. The Pride.

Being truly successful is not just about making money or winning awards. It is making a difference… adding value to the lives of others, and doing what you love.

If you are truly successful, you will not only feel pride every now and then, you will LIVE in pride. The journey will be with pride because you will be living and speaking your truth.
When your work is filled with integrity and value, your pride cup is overflowing and you are able to give more to those close to you, and the world.

“You must earn the success you seek, if you want to feel the pride of victory” – Fearless Motivation

NUMBER 4. The Character.

Let’s get real: No one reaches the very top without overcom- ing huge challenges and fighting back from at least one ma-
jor failure or setback.

Anyone that pushes the limits, in order to achieve things
which most never attempt, is bound to push far at some point.

When this happens, only those with huge character will keep going until they reach their goals and dreams.

The character and mental strength gained from fighting through these challenges remains in your spirit, ready to face and conquer any future challenges life has in store.

Most people will never know this character, because they give up at the first sign of struggle. Next time you are facing a big challenge, remind yourself:

“This will not break me, this will MAKE me”

NUMBER 5. The Great People

They say the road to success is often a lonely one, and that is true, however – when you are lucky enough to reach a high level of success, you will discover great people seem to appear from everywhere.
When you offer huge value to the world, other people who offer such value are attracted to you, and you to them.

As you grow, working with amazing individuals is inevitable.

Just as misery loves company, so does success, so does higher level consciousness, so do kind people.

You attract who you are, so when you become successful – in business, and as a human being, look forward to a life surrounded by winners, and beautiful human beings.

“If success is important to you, don’t hang around with people who have no ambition. If kindness is important to you, don’t spend time with unkind people. 
Your friends and peer group are a great reflection of you, because YOU choose them. Choose wisely.” – Fearless Motivation

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