5 Benefits of Going Green

The last few years (i.e. a decade) have pretty much been revolving around replacing accumulated, bad habits with healthy choices that not only relate to our personal lives but matter on a global scale. Apart from turning to sustainable clothing, organic nutrition, cosmetics and other organic and mineral based products in our homes, we’re largely talking about going green globally as a form of improving our lives and impacting the planet in a good way.

While going green has become popularized because of the increased interest to live a clean life and, therefore, has become exercised by many celebrity followers – although with no clear vision as to why they are doing it –  taking the time to understand the true reasons behind the importance of going green is crucial.

Hoping to educate and motivate, we are laying out a few benefits of living a green life:

Healthier lifestyle

A healthy life starts with making healthy choices; small but very significant changes like using non-toxic products in your home, buying an eco-friendly vehicle or recycling can contribute to reducing carbon footprints left behind by pollution, and improving the quality of the air we breathe. Further, cleaner environment leads to fewer diseases, leaving us all way healthier. A clean environment relates to the water we drink and the food we eat, too – consuming food contaminated with chemicals and drinking polluted water may only cause severe health problems.  

Minding our environment and keeping it clean means building a healthier habitat for ourselves and our loved ones, as well as for our future generations.

Increase productivity

While going green and being productive are not immediately related at first glance, the correlation is actually very simple. Here’s why: breathing in air that’s polluted not only compromises our health but it also leaves our body’s immune system affected by the toxic chemicals present in the atmosphere. This means our health is gradually decreasing and we’re feeling tired, worn-out and exhausted. When our immune systems are failing to fight against infections, we’re being less dynamic, happy and capable of leading a productive life. For this, minding what we do and how we live is actually crucial to our overall happiness.

Massive savings in energy costs

Energy savings are huge if you embrace the green living. Apart from introducing some major green changes, like solar heating for example, you can start by fixing small things in your home or office and, in such a way, reduce your energy consumption. For instance, just by insulating your home, you will be saving on your heating bill. Fixing fixtures and broken windows or holes around your door and windows is yet another way to save up. Fixing leaking taps adds up to saving water, etc. If you don’t want to get overwhelmed, start with these small changes and you’ll see just how much you will enjoy the aftermath of these changes.

Healthier skin and hair

Chemically processed, perfumed products are everywhere and pretty much hard to avoid – well, unless you’ve got the green consciousness tied to the matter. With plenty of organic and mineral brands increasingly gaining popularity on the market, everyone who wants to live a clean life and treat their skin and hair to natural products can in fact do it. Green products currently do cost more than those off-the-shelf ones but they pay off in the long run. It is very comforting to learn that major green labels are expanding and diversifying, helping the customer not lack for anything they have in the chemically processed aisle. For instance, the amazing array of Dr Hauschka products is letting an average customer enjoy everything from almond-smelling body wash and revitalizing scalp tonics to green makeup that’s keeping their skin healthy. Then, there’s Herbivore Botanicals with its cute packaging and cruelty-free, ethically sourced Coconut Milk Bath Oil (and other gorgeous products). The choices are plenty and it’s up to the customer to make their call.

Boost economy by eating green

Eating green means replacing products that come in a bag (at any moment in a year) with seasonal, organic choices. Opting for organic products has a multitude of benefits; by purchasing products from local stores and markets (i.e. dairy, veggies, meat, fruits) you will be helping the local economy flourish.



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