In the modern world, life is fast-paced, ever demanding experience that seems to constantly grab our attention.

Learning to prioritize yourself is no easy task.

From our own personal/familial responsibilities to those we encounter at work. Add in a good measure of technology, and we see that there’s forever something seeking to engage us.

This cycle of engagement means most of us are living in a perpetual state of doing. Never ceasing to rest, or allowing the space to just BE.

It is important to acknowledge that despite its challenges, this type of life is a privilege that not all of us are afforded. There are many people across the world who haven’t the option to access the opportunities we do, or practice self-care by going to a day spa when they feel tired. For many in the world, that simply will never be an option. For those of us lucky enough to born into a developed country where the needs and demands placed upon us are different, we do have a responsibility to nurture ourselves.

We have a responsibility to nurture our humanity.

Beyond Self Care - Learning To Prioritize Yourself In The Modern World quote quotes Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire. Amy Ippoliti

Self-care isn’t selfish |Prioritize Yourself

The difficulty that comes with this notion is that because of the nature of our society, that being one of consumption, achievement and often egoic self-driven success principles, the space for self-nourishment is not freely given.

So it is up to us to take it. To cultivate that space and enforce it.

There are many ways you can do this. Some of my favourites are:

1. Practice self-compassion | Prioritize Yourself

I put this first on the list because ironically when we actually finally do give ourselves the time to BE, often we are riddled with guilt about it! Practising self-compassion and self-forgiveness if you feel that you haven’t been caring for yourself as well as you would have liked. Accept that you are a work in progress and you are trying to do better.

2. Move your body | Prioritize Yourself

Moving the body you have been given in a way that FEELS good helps us to ground and reconnect with the self we are outside of what we do. Dance, walk on the beach, or yes go to the gym if it feels good for you.

3. Love your insides | Prioritize Yourself

Drink water, lots of it. Eat whole foods, mostly plants. Take quality supplements that support your body and mind.

4. Get off technology | Prioritize Yourself

No phone, no tablet, no TV.. Get off technology and come home to yourself. Remember who you are without that incessant pull of social media, calls, messages and emails. Get out into nature. Breathe.

When you practice these steps and perhaps add more of your own, you will renew and regenerate yourself to feel more whole.

It’s important to recognise though that self-care is not transactional. We don’t care for ourselves just so we can add it to our list of stuff to get done or even to then care for others. 

Don’t allow your ego to tell you that you can only practice self-care if you can DO something with it afterwards.

Instead just allow yourself the joy of being loved by you in a way that you like, for no other reason than it feels good. We must care for ourselves because simply because we deserve it.

Do you have a particular technique you use that helps you to prioritize yourself? Share it in the comments!



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