How to Keep Your Motivation When You Can’t Seem to Reach Your Fitness Goals

It’s no secret that people give up on working out easily. In fact, it’s the most lied about New Year’s resolution. And when you can’t seem to reach your fitness goals, the prospect of quitting might seem even more tempting. If and when that happens, finding ways to keep your motivation can be tough.

Finding Your Fitness Motivation

A lot of hard work is involved in losing weight and toning your body. The process isn’t an easy one at all, not even on cheat days. You always have to stay motivated and sharp, which can seem impossible for some. Here are four ways to regain your enthusiasm that will be beneficial even when all hope seems lost.

How to Keep Your Motivation When You Can't Reach Your Fitness Goals It never gets easier you just get stronger.

1. Make a List of Goals – Keep Your Motivation

When all your hard work seems to be in vain, maintaining a regular routine might lose its appeal. The number one method to combat the tendency to give up is to write down your objectives in a way that makes sense to you. This means the actual way you do it is subject to your personal preference.
For example, a 21-year old interviewee for Self Magazine named Lindsey confessed that her way of keeping her mind set on her longtime goals is to write it down on her wrists. In this way, she can always see them when she feels like she’s getting nowhere progress-wise. Of course, you might choose something different.
Some people respond amazingly to arranging their workouts in a daily planner and jotting down the desired milestones that come with each segment. Others might feel more ambitioned by a checklist of aims. Crossing out something off of it after having achieved it can be extremely fulfilling. Thus, regardless of what you opt for, you will find out the power of writing your goals, you just have to try it.

2. Work Out with a Friend – Keep Your Motivation

When you approach a routine all by yourself, becoming disillusioned is easy. furthermore, you are more likely to give up because there is no one there to witness it. Fortunately, it’s nothing a little productive company can’t solve. Working out with someone that shares your desire for better health and a slimmer figure can make all the difference in the world.
According to Deborah Feltz, Ph.D., fitness expert and professor of Kinesiology at Michigan State University, friendly competition serves as an excellent motivator. Exercising alongside someone whose opinion is important to you will drive you to not quit before every single objective is met. You’ll be surprised at the wonders the desire to save face can work.
But while it might seem tempting to choose an easy-going friend, it’s important that you refrain from the temptation to do so. Your gym, jogging, swimming or what have you buddy needs to be someone that won’t let you off the hook. Thus, opt for someone who is more driven than yourself, and you will soon become like-minded fitness friends.

How to Keep Your Motivation When You Can't Reach Your Fitness Goals If it doesn‘t challenge you it wont change you.

3. Prepare the Best Playlist – Keep Your Motivation

It’s no secret that the right choice of music can change the tone of any life situation. When it comes to exercising and reaching goals, there’s nothing better than an extensive playlist comprised of the best motivational songs music has to offer. Depending on your personal tastes, mood, time of day and so on, what you decide to put in it may vary.
The universal trait that all your musical choices need to share is a spirited rhythm. You need to listen to tunes that make you feel like you can conquer the world at that very moment. Of course, the genre is subject to one’s own perception of what good or enjoyable music is. For some, it might be hip-hop, for others it might be hard rock.
More modern options such as dubstep or EDM are also a viable alternative. If you lack the inspiration to put a mix together yourself, try searching on SoundCloud for pre-made ones that contain more or less the music you are into. Not only will you get to exercise to some classics, but you might even discover your next favorite artist or band.

4. Reward Yourself for Progress – Keep Your Motivation

Some people that exercise regularly find motivation in the fruits of their labor alone. However, for most of us, that can get rather difficult. Therefore, a more tangible reward is in order. After reaching an important milestone in your routine, treat yourself to a spa day, or buy something nice to wear for when you will have reached your goals.
Avoid using junk food or allowing yourself an extra cheat day for these purposes. Although it might seem tempting to binge on cheeseburgers and gravy-topped fries after you’ve dropped a few pounds, this can be rather counterproductive. Thus, you need to focus on compensation that is in line with the objectives you are striving to achieve.

The Bottom Line

Staying motivated when fitness goals seem impossible to achieve will be difficult at first, but when you have the right approach you will succeed. Thus, always keeping record of milestones and working out alongside the right people is vital. And when all else fails, an energetic music playlist can certainly save the day.